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Jens wondered what had brought down the small aircraft.  The pilot had obviously died a slow painful death as an enormous branch had impaled his intestines.  He and the passenger were both found dead without any identification.  Then they found a jacket and followed tracks outside leading them to an unconscious man, but for the brief seconds he was awake he was full of fear.

Jens was a search & rescue medical doctor with the Mont Blanc Search & Rescue Team.  He has been taking on more shifts since several of his colleagues had fallen in love and started families over the last few months.  And since his family was still in Germany he did everything he could to help out his team by taking some of the extra shifts.

While he was in the office filling out the incident report a call comes in that a woman had locked herself in a gas station bathroom and refused to come out until she spoke with Damien, the team leader.  Since Damien and his wife Tess had just boarded a flight for a surprise trip for their son to Legoland he left to see if he could find out what the woman needed.

To his surprise, the woman is Damien's sister-in-law Sarah.  The one and only time he had seen her she had walked into a bar where Jens and crew were blowing off steam and tried to seduce Damien when her sister told her of his see what he would do.  She was mortified when he drove her to her sister's having been onto her game immediately. 

Sarah Porter had locked herself in the gas station bathroom hoping the lock was strong enough to keep the man chasing her out.  He had stopped his car next to her as she was walking on the highway.  When she ran, he gave chase.  Leading her here...locked into the bathroom.

She hosts an early morning radio show in London and two months ago a man started calling in and saying things aimed specifically at her.  So vile they had to take him off the air.  Kept calling every day but when they wouldn't put him through he got angrier and then the letters began.  He knew so much about her, seemed to think they had a relationship.

Then the deliveries from the shop behind the station made exactly as she liked.  The police just laughed off her concerns.   Then he started showing up on her social media.  Then she received a package and blood went everywhere.  Police said it was a pig's heart and finally started taking her stalker seriously.  That's when she ran, hoping he wouldn't follow her to France.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is book four of JR Pace's Mont Blanc Rescue Series and although it can be read as a standalone novel, I suggest that you start with book one of the series to meet all of the rescue team.  I guarantee reading from the beginning of this series will make you love these characters as much as I do.

I love Jens and Sarah's story.  In JR Pace fashion this book is action-packed and grabbed me from page one.  Her stories are full of danger, suspense and smoking hot romance and this one didn't let me down.  This series just keeps getting better and I feel like part of the Mont Blanc Rescue Team's family.  JR Pace's attention to detail and her hang onto your seat suspense romance stories keeps me coming back book after book.

This book has danger coming from two different angles that will keep you turning the pages.  I highly recommend this series and JR Pace is definitely an author you want to read everything she writes!

MOUNTAIN SHADOW is book four of the MONT BLANC RESCUE Series

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Although COLD AND BITTER SNOW is not considered part of the MONT BLANC RESCUE Series, I would consider this novella as a prequel to the series.

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