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Antonio Farrari was part of the Ferrari crime family in Philadelphia.  They controlled one of the largest ports in the United States dealing mostly in imports and exports.  Where he had grown up as an enforcer he was now his father's right-hand man since he had the cooler head needed for negotiations.

But, what no one knew was that he was also Tony Ridik, day trader.  No one...not the mafioso or his clients knew his true identity.  Tony Ridik was just a voice on the phone with an online presence with no photograph.  He needed something that was completely his and untainted by the mafia and he knew that his father would try to use his legit business to launder his dirty money.

He was growing his conglomerate outside of his family business for several reasons.  One being that when he took his father's place he was bringing the family business into this century and become legit and also because of his runaway bride.  He had been searching for her for years with no results but knew he would find her and find out why she left him at the altar.

Sophie Green owed Daphne everything.  After she fled the cathedral in a wedding dress and with only one hundred dollars in her purse, Daphne gave her a place to stay and a job.  While helping Daphne with her art gallery, Sophie was also getting her degree and had finally received everything she needed to become a day trader.  Now she needed a paid internship with a guaranteed contract and had just landed an interview with Ridik Empire.

Antonio was finally ready to take his empire to the next level and had his first interview.  Sophie Green had the perfect credentials and he would be able to train her how he wished.  But, his jaw dropped when Sophie Toscano who he has been searching for for the last five years walked through his office door.  He would make sure she never ran away again!

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  I love Anthony and Sophie!  Anthony has been searching for the woman he loves since she ran away from their wedding.  Sophie ran away after being threatened and told to never return.

Rogue London has written another wonderful story.  It is action-packed from cover to cover and I couldn't put the book down once I began reading.  This book is full of smoldering hot $ex and despite Antonio's adoration for Sophie he is also determined to punish her for leaving to make sure she never does so again.  But, he surprisingly finds that Sophie enjoys his spankings and much more.

This book has it all...smoking hot chemistry, danger and suspense.  This is a mafia romance with BDSM elements.  Rogue just gets better and better!  If you love naughty romance with a happily ever after, Rogue London is for you!

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