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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - BABY by Sapphire Knight narrated by Teena Scott & Dom Jonson

This is the first story that I've heard narrated by Teena Scott and Dom Jonson, but it won't be the last.

Dom has a deep raspy voice that draws you into the story immediately.  He is reading as both Sinner and Saint along with other male voices throughout and does an amazing job transitioning between characters.

Through Teena, we hear not only Jude's Texan drawl but the sound of a young woman's voice.  Her transition from young Jude's voice to an elderly woman isn't just a change in tone, but you hear the voice of an elderly woman.  

The chapters may be separate POVs, but the male and female voices are done by Dom and Teena throughout the book regardless of whether it is Saint, Sinner or Jude's POV.  This dual narration brings the characters more to life.  You don't feel like a book is being read to you as much as they are interacting with each other to bring the story to life.

The same can be said for their gasps and moans throughout the book.  You can feel them having sex, you can feel the touch of his lips from her sounds.  Amazingly realistic.

This is also the first audiobook I have heard with sound effects.  The echo in the church as the priest beats Sinner.  The sound of the whip going through the air.  The sound of a car as they speed down the road.  These sounds are very subtle but have an amazing effect on the story.

If you are looking to put your book on audio, I highly recommend Teena and Dom.  They didn't just read the book to me, they made it a sensual experience.

Book Review:

He enters St. Andrews Church to repent.  As he goes through the tradition of dipping his fingers in the holy water, wondering what makes it so holy, he hears a fifteen-year-old boy begging for mercy as the priest brings the whip down on him over and over again...calling the boy a sinner.  The boy is bleeding from the crisscross patterns from the whip.

When he rescues the boy from his punishment the boy calls him Saint.  If only the boy knew the truth that he was the sinner and the boy was the saint.  The boy is his total opposite in appearance.  Unlike his Native American father, he takes after his mother with smoke-colored eyes and fair skin and eyes.  Where he is light, Sinner has dark hair and darker blue eyes.  He completes him and Saint vows to keep him forever.

Sinner isn't aware that Saint honors his father by bathing in the blood of his victims.  Cleansing his ancestors with their blood.  But over the years he revels in the MC life, just not in Saint's Indian traditions.

Sinner is keeping a secret from Saint.  A secret that might tear him away from the only person he has ever loved.  He is married.  And not to a good woman.  She's not even a good mom, but he will make sure that her daughter Jude is taken care of with food and anything else she may need.

Jude has just turned eighteen and her mother has been gone for a few months.  She works at the library part-time and studies online to get a college degree.  Her mother's husband, Sinner, stops by to make sure that she has food regularly, but she wishes it was for more.  She knows that he is trying to get an annulment from being tricked by her mother, but her mother disappeared as she always does a few days after their marriage.

Jude loves to taunt him by calling him "daddy", but she wishes he would look at her with longing instead of avoiding her as much as he can because he thinks she's too young and innocent.  Sinner may be keeping his marriage a secret from Saint, but he is keeping an even bigger secret from Jude.  One that she can never find out about.

Saint steals a Lamborgini which belongs to the Russian mafia and shows up at Jude's in the middle of the night.  That Sinner could think he could hide her from him was ridiculous.  He knew he had been disappearing and this time he followed.  He wants her to call him "daddy" like she calls Sinner.  Saint is jealous that Sinner is keeping her away from him - that Sinner might care more about her than he does for Saint.

Sinner and Saint leave Jude's home and take her to the MC clubhouse.  When Sinner lets slip while in church with the other bikers that he had married Jude's mother, Saint goes ballistic and throws a knife injuring Sinner.  How could Sinner do this to him after all he has done for him?

I loved this book.  This is an MMF MC age-gap romance.  The narrators, Teena Scott and Dom Jonson brought these characters to life for me.  Jude lives in a small town in Texas and is trying the best she can and besides working in the library doesn't have any close friends.  She just wants to be loved since she has never gotten that from her mom who is more interested in the men she sleeps with.

Sinner may want Jude, but he also wants to not take away her innocence.  He may have grown up in the church, but his father beat any innocence he had out of him and he wanted her to have hers for as long as she could.  Besides, he wasn't a good man.  And she would soon realize that.

Saint and Sinner have shared women in the past, but Saint realized that Jude was different.  He was scared that the feelings that Sinner had for her would be more than what Sinner felt for Saint.  

This story is action-packed from cover to cover and I highly recommend it.  The chemistry between these three is smoldering hot with some, but not all their interactions behind closed doors.

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