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Jacki didn't like the secrets her friends were keeping.   Maddie was staying at her new boyfriends and Cheryl is no where to be found after receiving some text from her.  A text Jacki hadn't sent.  What is going on?

She heard they tried to get into Club Chaos on Madonna night and got caught and reprimanded even though they were just short a few months from being twenty-one.  And she just walked in without a problem.  You just had to stand tall and act like you are royalty.  But, all she could see were boys.  Sure, they were over twenty-one, but she had no interest in them and definitely wouldn't be leaving with them.

When the doorman reached and put a bottle of water in front of her she took notice because THIS was a man.  Tall, ripped and dangerous looking.  But, when she put her hand out for him to kiss, he raised his brow and talked away.  She'd show him.

So she accepted every drink these college guys bought for her and ignored all the bottles of water he sent her way.  Until she realizes she might have given herself alcohol poisoning and threw up all over his shoes when he tried escorting her out of the club.

While Gabriel was guarding Cheryl, Bryce's job was to watch over Jacki.  And did she put on a show.  She was nothing but a spoiled brat leading the guys at the bar on, but looking down her nose at them. 

But he couldn't take her back to her dorm.  She was in danger.  Cheryl's dad, Senator Johnson, had an illegal prostitution ring and had been planning on putting his daughter on the block.  Now with her in hiding all her friends were in danger.  Whether it be to extract information on the location of Cheryl or to be sold themselves, he couldn't take the chance.

So he took her to his home and this Daddy Dom would make sure she paid for her brattiness.  She needed to understand the danger she was putting herself in.

What a wonderful conclusion to the Daddy's Brat series!  I love how all three books are happening simultaneously and are all a moving part in the takedown of Senator Johnson.  Of the three girls, Jacki is definitely the brattiest and most determined to get her way.  But, she realizes really fast that Bryce is not her parents and is not taking her misbehaving.

This book is full of action and pulls the storyline for the series together.  I totally enjoyed the dynamics between Bryce and Jacki.  He is just smoldering hot and if you aren't into degradation as a punishment, this may not be the book for you, especially since Jacki knows her punishment and decides to test Bryce anyway. 

Another great book by Rogue London.  Can't wait to see what is next.

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