Thursday, November 17, 2022


He almost walked out of the lobby coffee shop.  It was the beginning of November and it was over the top with Christmas decorations ... everywhere ... and if that wasn't enough Christmas music was playing.  And to make it worse, who scheduled a holiday party at 3 in the afternoon at the beginning of November?

After heading to his office to add whiskey to his coffee so he could handle all this holiday cheer he made minimal efforts to socialize.  He hated anything that took his focus off advancing in his career ... what was the point?  But then he overheard that his competition for the CFO job was having problems locking down the property they were looking to acquire for their new datacenter.

He stared at his boss in shock.  The property was in Tilikum ... the farm of the parents of the girl he almost married.

The Cook family farm was the site of the Tilikum Christmas Village, but years of drought have hurt the tree harvest of their u-cut Christmas tree farm and now her parents are on the verge of losing everything they have worked for.  Not if she has anything to do with it.

Another amazing Claire Kingsley book!  Welcome back to Tilikum!  Isabelle and Elias aren't Baileys or Havens, but you can't help to be on one side or the other in this town feud.  I love how Claire Kingsley weaves in the back stories of the Bailey and Haven families within this story.  And who doesn't love Harvey and the town squirrels?

Isabelle and Elias have history and it did not end well.  So when he comes to town sparks fly and not in a good way.  Elias has turned into a cold-hearted man who only wants to climb the ladder of success until he comes back home and is led down memory lane and finally faces the past.

This is another smoking hot small-town romance full of angst and danger.  This town and these families feel like home!  Highly recommend.

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