Friday, February 2, 2024

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - THE VAMPIRE HUNTRESS by Ashlee Sinn - narrated by Teena Scott & Dom Jonson

Sophie is sitting on a bar stool at the college bar where she has been waiting for two hours when she finally sees the man enter the bar and is surprised at how gorgeous he is. She waits until he is almost out the door with his mark when she follows him into the dark alleyway.

Sophie as a Hunter. It was her heritage and she was born with everything she needed to detect, track and kill vampires. And the best thing was that the vampires couldn't detect her. Only other hunters and their maker had that advantage. So he never saw her coming.

She and her best friend Silas, a fellow hunter, were called to a meeting with the Elder of the Magi who explained that there was a power struggle among the vampire community. The rogue vampires were creating vampires with the sole purpose of killing other vampires. Their job was to find these sociopaths and kill them and then he introduced their liaison... Victor - the oldest Vampire in their Order.

I loved this book. It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This book is action packed with a surprising twist.

I listened to the audiobook version of this story narrated by the duo Teena Scott & Dom Jonson. I love these narrators. Teena has a strong voice that is full of emotion and has a great transition in characters. Dom is a cross between Sam Elliott & James Earl Jones... you know that type of voice you can just sit and listen to. He does a wonderful job as a vampire.

What I especially love about these narrators is that they do all the male/female voices throughout this audiobook. In other dual-narrated books whichever POV is telling that chapter will usually do the voices of both sexes and although I do understand the reasoning behind this it makes an audiobook so much more enjoyable when the narrators take on all the male or female parts.

I highly enjoyed listening to this story and highly recommend both the book and the narrators.


Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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