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Arya is not happy that she is having to move in with her mother. Especially when she looks at the over-the-top extravagance of the mansion before her. But she is shocked when the most gorgeous man she has ever set eyes on meets them on the steps and learns that he is the man her mother had married... her stepfather.

Arya is heartbroken and broke. The man she thought loved her had taken everything she had saved. Cleaned out their accounts and left. Unlike her millionaire mother who was a fashion designer, Arya tried to live a simple life and didn't approve of her mother's flashy lifestyle, but she was grateful for the a place to stay as she got back on her feet.

What she didn't expect was a gorgeous step-dad and his three sons.

This is a reverse harem romance full of darkness, taboo relationships, moments of nonconsent, violence, and depravity. Arya has lived through a violent childhood that will shock you with horror and bring you to tears. Each of the brothers has a different mother as their father Jarrod was a player as a younger man (and expect a few trigger moments in this story) and each has their own issues growing up with mothers interested only in what they can get from Jarrod.

Denx, Harlon and War... three different personalities who chose to make their own way without having their billionaire dad giving them a handout. Choices that were full of violence and brutality. 

If you like dark and twisted, you will find it all in this book. Unlike most reverse harem stories which are pure erotica, this book doesn't focus solely in the bedroom and is full of danger and suspense. 

I did have problems with the characters of Denx, Harlon and War at times as they switched from hood gangsters to just men with a bad history who chose violence as an outlet. Just when I had a picture in my mind of who they were it changed. It was hard at times to do the flip in my mind.

If you like reverse harem but not depraved darkness be warned this book will push all your buttons and may be offensive to some. This book is very well written and is full of action and major twists.

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