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REVIEW - ON MY KNEES by Kristin Lee

Hagan may be her twin, but he doesn't get to make her decisions! He is giving his best friend and their roommate Logan a death glare after Logan asks if she would be his 'fake date' to The Stallion Awards that night.

Harper was beginning to wonder if transferring colleges to be near her brother had been a good decision. His overprotective and controlling behavior was smothering her. The Stallion Awards is the largest campus event and just the thought of all the attention is paralyzing, but both their families will be in attendance and sitting at their table so she overrides her brother's objections.

Logan was #3 in the football draft but decided to return to college for the year instead of going pro. Number three wasn't good enough for him on top of the fact that the only game he had ever lost was the one he wanted the most - the division championship. So he is back and wants no distractions from his goal of being the GOAT of football.

No distractions. He has never had a relationship and the women he has been with have only been for one-night and they didn't want him. They wanted the fame and lifestyle being with him would bring. His plan was two-fold - keep all the clinging women away and make sure the men stayed away from the only woman he had ever been interested in for more than what they had to offer in bed.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This book can be read as a standalone, but book one is Harper's brother Hagan and Amalee's story. The Campus Stallions is a spin-off of the Sarasota Sharks Series as both Harper and Hagan are part of baseball royalty and their family members take are active throughout Harper and Logan's story.

This book is action-packed and smoking hot. Harper has severe social anxiety panic attacks and even 'fake' dating Logan is a major issue since not only is he gorgeous and surrounded by women trying to get his attention, but he is the number one college quarterback who is surrounded by cameras and paparazzi. 

This book will make you laugh but boy will you cry. Not only does this book address anxiety, but the unfairness of illness and the lives that are lost way before their time. Get out your Kleenex because they will be needed.

I highly recommend this story and am looking forward to Reed's story!

ON MY KNEES is book two of the CAMPUS STALLIONS Series which is a spin-off of the SARASOTA SHARKS Series

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