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Dear Diary...

Corey was studying for his Ph.D. and it would be another 5 years, but Cassie had dreams of being independent and Chicago. He couldn't leave and she couldn't stay. Why did she finally find 'the one' only to have circumstances keeping them apart? So he let her go... “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” Why was it so painful that he didn't fight to keep her?

It has been over a year and she has put all her focus on her job in HR of a dairy plant. She is still healing and hasn't been out with another man. The only person besides her co-workers that she spends any time with is Nadine who owns the nail salon near the restaurant she and her co-workers frequent.

When Nadine invited her to a cookout it hit her that all her friends were at least three hours away and she needed to get out and meet other people. She apologizes to her diary that she has been neglectful and writes how anxious she is about the upcoming party as she won't know anyone there other than Nadine, but it was time to get back out there.

Nadine pulls her from her conversation telling her that the last guest has arrived and she had to meet him. One of her many brothers who just arrived back home after tour with his band. At first glance, Cassie wasn't impressed because well, she had a type and it wasn't the dark hair, browned-eyed man leaning against the side of the house. Reminded her too much of her Greek heritage and her family's insistence that she only date a nice Greek boy. No she liked blonde haired men as different from her family as possible.

But she gets chills when they are introduced. All she can think is NO, NO, NO!!! The stupid game that she and her friends had played as children pops in mind. You flip the pull tab on a soda can and when it breaks that is the initials of the man you will marry. She wasn't superstitious and didn't know why she had always worn the tab on a chain until she finally recently threw it away. The tab with the letter "N" marked on it. 

She stares in horror as Nadine introduces her to her brother... Nat. He is SO not her type!

I loved this book! It is my favorite of the series so far. It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This book can be read as a standalone but the series is intended to be read in order. This series begins with Cassie in high school and she and her friends discover their sexuality and Cassie's determination to break free from her Greek family's outdated traditions.

I love Cassie and her dry sense of humor and thought process. You really get to know her on a personal basis. She dreams of being an independent woman and depending on herself and fights with her family who demand she be part of the family business and stay home to marry a nice Greek boy and spit out tons of kids. So not in her plans.

Her family... her mom is one miserable woman and she gives Cassie nothing but grief for trying to have her own opinion on how to run her life and her brother Greg, well let's say he is just a plan a$$ and only gets worse throughout each book.

This book will keep you turning page after page as Cassie changes more than one set-in-stone rule that she has lived by. This book is smoking hot and very emotional. Can't wait for the next installment to Cassie's story. Highly recommend!


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