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Teodoro Maldonado is the youngest of the four brothers and is not happy with his current circumstances. He is a cleaner not a leader, but do his brothers care? No! 

Primo handed over the reins to Giovanni when he decided to marry his attorney and leave the mob life. Giovanni, who had decided to make their family legit fell in love with a Cuban mob boss's daughter and moved to Florida to help her run their syndicate. Constantine. Well, he has a price on his head. Everyone wants him dead after he killed Charlie. His brothers included.

Teddy is about to walk out the doors of the cathedral after doing a clean-up when something flashes in the corner of his eye. When he tackles the witness he is in shock when his eyes meet those of Raven. His Darkness. The woman he hasn't seen in thirteen years.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This is book three of the Boston Bloodlines series and although it can be read as a standalone I would suggest you read this series from the beginning to truly understand the dynamics of these brothers and the underlying troubles with the Irish mob.

To say that Raven had a rough childhood doesn't even touch the torture she lived through. She is ready to take her vows to the Church when she runs into Teddy again and all she believes about herself is falling apart.

Teddy has never wanted to be involved in the business dealings of the family business, but being the cleaner cleared his mind. He never wanted the details about the scene or the crime loving to put the pieces together as he worked the crime scene backwards. Now he is in over his head in more ways than one.

This book is action-packed and has triggers of child abuse and torture. As with all of Ivy's books, you have depraved men and all the dark romance you can ask for. Teddy was always the kinder brother but his actions during his breakdown of losing Raven surprised me.

I love this series and am really looking forward to how Ivy is going to redeem Constantino in the next book to deserve anything but punishment for his actions. 

PRINCE OF SIN is book three of the BOSTON BLOODLINES Series

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