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Constantino Maldonado fled Boston and headed to South America. Everyone... the Italians and the Irish wanted him head... and that included his own brothers Primo, Giovanni and Teddy. He didn't have time to explain his reasons for killing Charlie, a trusted friend of the family. Too much was at stake.

So now he is in a filthy country with only his fists to provide a living as all the Maldonado crime family money was laundered through legit businesses and his location would be known immediately. 

His family was losing traction what with their father incarcerated for twenty years, and Primo handing the business over to Giovanni when he married the woman who defended him in his trial for murder and promised he would step away from the life of crime. Giovanni did further damage trying to take their crime family's business legitimate which only strained their relationship with the Irish almost to the point of war - then Giovanni did a 180 and married a Miami mob boss's daughter. Which meant they dumped the responsibility onto Teddy's shoulders. How stupid could they be? Their happy-go-lucky brother who never wanted to be part of the messier side of the business. 

Which is why he was now in Boston lying on the marble tiles of their family mansion with a bullet hole in his shoulder. Teddy called needing help. The Irish were determined to start a war because of the loss of their main income when the Maldonados stopped allowing them to use their shipping company to run guns.

And Teddy had called their sister-in-law Ellie's sister Evelyn for help. An ER doctor who was livid at being pulled into their world.

I have to admit Constantino was my least favorite brother. I didn't see any redeeming qualities in this man from reading books one to three of this series, but Ivy pulled on my heart and sure he's a crime lord, but there were reasons for his actions. So redeemed.

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Constantino is the oldest of the first-born sons - yes, they were all sons from four different marriages - and any had the right to run their family, but Constantino was the only one who wanted the job. His father was always harder on him and told him the boss could have no weakness, so he fought harder. Only his weakness couldn't be controlled.

Evelyn was enraged when arrived to help Teddy to find out that she was being asked to save the life of a murderer. But she had taken an oath. When he opened his green eyes and spoke in his deep voice she couldn't help shivers going down her spine... too bad he was a murderer because she would love one night with this man.

This book is action-packed and full of danger. This love-hate relationship is steamy hot and full of surprising twists and secrets that make you cheer for Constantino. Loved this series! If you like romance on the dark side I highly recommend anything written by Ivy Wild. 


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