Friday, March 4, 2022


Levi and Gavin were leaving the barbershop when across the street five men were leaving another.  Because in Tilikum there were two of everything.  There were a few businesses that were neutral, but some were definitely in either the Bailey or Haven camp.

Havens. Their family rivals for generations.  For the most part, they had settled for wild pranks trying to one-up each other but, the hatred was even higher and the pranks were getting more dangerous.  It didn't help that the Havens were putting pressure on Gram to sell her land.  The property that had been in their family for generations was getting ready to be foreclosed after her trusted accountant had taken off with her money instead of paying her taxes.

As he gets in Gavin's truck and notices that he has a text from 'Juliet' he laughs at the irony.  He smirks as he glances out the mirror at the Haven brothers as they drive away....picturing how furious they would be if they knew.  Because Juliet is Annika Haven...their sister.

I am both in love and sad about this book!  Claire's fans have been waiting for Levi's book, but it also means that The Bailey Brother series is complete.  The Bailey Brother series was actually my first time reading anything by Claire and she gained an immediate fan after reading Asher & Grace's tragic story.  Many suggest The Miles Family if asked where to start reading a Claire novel, but I will always disagree and lead you to the Baileys.  

The Baileys.  Asher & Grace. Evan & Fiona.  Gavin & Skylar.  Logan & Cara.  I love them all, but Levi and Annika hold a special place.  Their fight for love came with a generational feud that took their forbidden romance to another level.  We'd only had mentions of Annika in previous books, but Levi's broodiness was well-known, and finding out their history explained a lot.  But, wow when their passion for each other exploded!  

What would a Bailey story be without Logan's neverending 'broisms' and he doesn't let us down.  I love Harvey and Claire finally puts an end to the many theories surrounding the Montgomery 'treasure'.  The squirrels and the wild pranks continue to the very end.  In true Claire fashion, she drops us many Easter eggs in this story, but they are more full baskets.

We've been waiting to meet those Havens and you get a full dose of these brothers in their sister's story.  Annika and Levi are perfect for each other as they travel a dangerous road to find their HEA.  This book is action-packed, full of intrigue and danger and smoking sizzling hot sexapades!  Blow up your Kindle hot!

Highly recommend!


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