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Susie didn't have time to tell her best friend Jean about the good-looking Italian man playing volleyball that she had sighted as she petaled the heavy Dairy Dip bicycle cart on the sand.  He had to work at Barts Oyster Bar as the guys playing didn't hang with the tourists.

Since she'll be leaving for FSU in the fall, a summertime fling is all she can have but she needs to catch his attention before he lays eyes on her gorgeous friend Jean.  She wondered if he was a visiting shifter or an off-limits human.

She was happy to be back home during break since being away for long drew her into depression.  Her kind needed the sea as much as humans needed air.  Every descendant of Boto Enchantado the Dolphin Shifter had inherited the shifter gene allowing them to shift into a dolphin.  

Seagrass Island shifters had managed to hide the identity of all the descendants of Boto Enchantado the Dolphin Shifter within mythology as they had no intention of turning into a science experiment.  And Susie had plans other than being claimed by her soulmate and staying home twirling her pearls.

Frank is touring all the packs to see where he would like to do an intern exchange.  All of the packs are pulling out all their charms as not only is it a 4 to 1 exchange, but he is the pack leader's son and therefore highly eligible.  All of the packs want him for their future leader and married to one of their own despite the rumors regarding his grandfather's insanity.

Frank's mother owns a restaurant in Kentucky where their werewolf pack lives, but all he wants to do is make pasta and is only interested in one woman.  Only Susie has made it plain her thoughts on the shifter sniff test and is determined to make her way in the world and not be claimed as a soulmate.

I loved this story.  This is a shifter romance that leaves you with a cliffhanger.  The book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Both Susie and Frank have ideas for expanding their family's businesses which are meeting negative results.

This is a slow-burn romance full of action, danger and intrigue.  I especially related to the algae bloom storyline from living in Florida further making this storyline relatable.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books from Marilyn Barr.

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