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Stateside Doms - Book Twelve

Release Date: February 3, 2023
Genre/Trope:  2nd Chance Romance

 Cover Design: AllyCat’s Creations
Book Blurb:  Blurbalicious

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My hometown is hiding secrets, and I'm not leaving until I uncover every single one. Starting with why the love of my life ghosted me just as we were about to begin our lives together.

Whatever the reason, I'm determined not to let Bas Pierson have even one more piece of the heart he shattered all those years ago. Until he puts me over his knee, and my sore, red bottom reminds me why I fell so hard for him back then.

Despite my promises to myself, it's all too easy to slip back into our roles, with me as the naughty little girl and him as the stern, unyielding Daddy.

But I have secrets of my own, secrets that could destroy the love Bas and I have—for good. And the more time we spend together, the more certain I am it's only a matter of time before he learns them all.

Because some secrets are too big to stay buried.


I was having the most delicious dream. I was lying on the warm sand of some exotic beach when a pair of sexy lips encompassed mine. I drowned in the possessive kiss while a hand rubbed my hardened nub. “Oh god, yes.” 


“Shh. I’m dreaming.” I rolled and pulled the pillow over my head. Strong fingers grasped my hair while more fingers penetrated my slick folds. “Oh, yes, right there.” I moaned.

“Seraphiel! Wake up!”

What the? I opened my eyes and had no idea where I was. I thought I was in my bed back home, but I was on a couch in front of a roaring fire. My eyes roamed, finding a large picture window and beyond, a hard snowfall. Snow? The accident!

I bolted up, or would have, except I was wrapped up like a mummy and rolled off the couch instead.

“Ouch! Where the fuck am I?”

“Language little girl.”

“Fuck off Bas! Bas? What the fuck?”

Bas stood above me, unwrapping me from the blankets. I rolled over and tried to stand but was so dizzy I toppled and would have fallen on the wood plank floor again if Bas hadn’t caught me.

His strong arms held me like I weighed nothing. In another time, this would have been wonderful, but he was the enemy.

“Put me down this instant.”

“As you wish.” He dropped me on the couch. How dare he just drop me, and quote our favorite movie, The Princess Bride, the arrogance!

“Where am I?”

Bas took a seat in a large chair angled towards me. We regarded each other like two pit bulls sizing each other up before battle.

“You’re in my home. My turn. You had no business driving that piece of a shit car down that road. What were you doing there?”

“My car is not a piece of shit. You are, and I don’t have to answer your question.” No way would I ever admit that I was pining for the old times and wanted to visit our special place to relive the best time of my life.

Since becoming a little more alert, I noticed that Bas had grown since I last saw him. While he’d been well-muscled and tall before, the man was now a bristling tower of muscle, reminding me of a bull with that stubborn look in his eyes. A damn sexy bull, but still stubborn! I wanted to slap the arrogant smirk off his face as he gazed at me like he knew exactly what I’d been doing on that road.

I was captivated by his eyes, always had been, but I’d forgotten how intense his gaze could be. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that staring is rude?” I huffed.

His eyes darkened. “My mother taught me plenty, unlike some I could name.”

That was a cheap shot, even though it was true. “It doesn’t matter anymore what my mother was or wasn’t. She’s dead.”

Bas’s gaze softened. “I’m truly sorry. What happened?”

“After showing a home late one rainy night, they were in a car accident on the freeway, and both died instantly. Not that you care.” I sulked.

Bas’s eyes grew hard once again. “I’ll let your rudeness pass because you are obviously confused and grieving.”

Oh my god, seriously! “You’re a dick!”

Bas’s smirk expanded to a feral grin. “You just can’t control yourself, can you? That’s okay, little girl, just keep wracking up the points because in a few days you’ll get your payback.”


Also available in the Stateside Doms Series by Rogue London!


Rogue London is an author of naughty romance designed to awaken your sensual side.

Rogue writes under a few different pen names had has been on the Washington Post best sellers list under her retired pen name N.M.McGregor.

Under the pen name, Skylar West, Rogue runs a romance podcast with multi-award winner Ann Jensen. They discuss all things romance and have amazing guests on their weekly podcast show.

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