Monday, January 30, 2023

REVIEW - WHEN YOUR MARRIAGE ENDS: First Months After Divorce by Vivian Hodges

As a reviewer of romance books, you wouldn't expect me to be doing a review on a book about divorce - but it is what it is.  Sometimes true love is just that...a fairy tale.  Having, unfortunately, been divorced twice I can tell you that Vivian Hodges is spot on with all the stages of surviving a divorce and how to redefine yourself.

This one sentence in the book says it all - "We try to avoid pain by pretending that things aren't really the way they are. What actually happens is that we just prolong our suffering."

This book is very well written and very relatable and just like the stages of grief, the stages of the loss of marriage follow its own stages of grief - with the addition of re-finding the person you lost along the way.

I sincerely hope that you never have to read this book only because everyone deserves a Happily Ever After...even though not everyone gets one.  So if you know of anyone who is going through a divorce I highly recommend you refer them to this book.

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