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This review is for MASTER C's BRATTY GIFT

Melody is exiting her Uber and trying to keep her jacket closed as her spanking skirt isn't exactly something that should be worn in public.  She is meeting her best friend Nyra at Valhalla, a private BDSM club, and she found the perfect outfit.  Her skirt came to just above her knees with a tapered slit held together with a buckle.  The perfect spanking outfit keeping only her backside exposed and not having to be naked.  The buckle could come undone if needed for a more vigorous scene.

She was so excited to have finally scored tickets to Valhalla's Holiday Party.  She had never been to an exclusive holiday-themed party much less getting rare and coveted tickets to Valhalla.  She and Nyra were regulars at the public BDSM club Midgard and she was hoping that a certain Dungeon Master was in attendance and she could catch his eyes.

They had just approached the bar when Madison approaches and starts to instigate trouble with Nyra.  But, does Madison get called out?  No, Master Loki, one of the owners, comes to see what is going on and plastic Barbie gets an evil gleam in her eyes before turning to Master Loki with tears pouring down her face saying they had attacked her.

Master Loki looks at Madison and then at them and decides that Melody and Nyra need to be punished for breaking Valhalla's rules.  

Master Clay and his brother Derrick are off for the night and were at Valhalla to enjoy the party when they saw the disruption at the bar and headed that direction to assist Loki with whatever was going on.  As soon as they got closer he realized that Madison was the instigator, but she had Loki wrapped around her finger.

Across from Loki and Madison were the Hoyden Sisters.  Although not truly sisters they almost always were in trouble.  Nyra had her head bowed in submission to Loki, but Melody looked pissed off and ready to battle.  He had seen her at Midgard, but unlike Valhalla, Midgard was a public club and didn't have the punishment rules of Valhalla for any disturbances.  

Maybe he would finally get his hands on her and teach her what it meant to be a submissive.

If you like BDSM, you are going to love this novella.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This ties in with Rogue London's Masters of Midgard series where seven fraternity brothers and another friend decided to open three Viking-themed BDSM clubs due to the nicknames they had given each other during college.  They are known as Masters Thor, Loki, Vali, Vidar, Baldor, Odin, Heimdor and Freya.  And each of them were as alike in personality as their namesakes.

Melody was looking for a dominant to submit to and hadn't found what she needed with the partners she had scened with in the past at Midgard.  She was hoping to find what she desired with Master Clay.

Master Clay is a sadist and Melody learned the hard way what happened to naughty girls, but through the pain she finally found what she was looking for.

This may be a short read, but it is action-packed and full of steam.  I do warn if you aren't into reading BDSM that Master Clay takes sadistic pleasure in Melody's punishment, but before they began he did ask is she had any hard limits and to use her password.  Which she chose not to do.

I have not as yet read the rest of this Anthology Duet, but I do plan to in the future and look forward to reading the remaining stories by some amazing authors.  If you haven't read Rogue London's Masters of Midgard series, I highly recommend them!

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