Sunday, January 15, 2023

REVIEW - FATE by Cindy Springsteen

Cassidy opens the door and stares.  Danny, her off-and-on boyfriend for years, is standing before her telling her that he didn't think Wanda was going to forgive him this time and was getting a divorce.

First off, I want to say if you haven't read Destiny, book one of this series, that you do so in order to fully understand Cassidy and Danny's toxic relationship.  She has been obsessively in love with Danny since she first saw him when she was fourteen and despite his many betrayals and lies as soon as she is near him her common sense leaves the room.

Even though Danny cheated on her, got another girl pregnant and married her it didn't stop Cassidy from seeing him from time to time and wishing that they would be together.

In book one, Cassidy takes us back to the memory of her first love and all the heartache she endured.  She finally thought she could begin fresh and find happiness with Danny no longer living nearby when he shows up on her doorstep saying he was getting a divorce.

This book is action-packed, full of twists and turns as Cassidy and Danny fight to finally have a future despite the nasty rumors that are spread trying to ruin their relationship.  Although the majority of this book is told from Cassidy's POV, Danny does have a small voice and even though he takes responsibility for his actions and all the pain he has caused, I have my own personal hangups about some of his actions and still want to smack him.

This book does have a happily ever after for Cassidy and Danny as they do finally get to walk down that aisle, but the book leaves us with an unexplained tragedy that makes you wonder if there is another book down the road.

FATE is book two of the FOREVER & ALWAYS Series

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