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Sterling has been best friends with Alyssa, who he calls Tink because of her size, since kindergarten.  She was shy and quiet and the teacher thought putting him next to her would calm him down since he never stopped talking...little did she know that he just kept talking and the little girl became his best friend.

They are at Declan's celebrating Blakely's birthday when she jokes that she isn't sure she should sit at the table since she was concerned there might be something in the water as three of the women were pregnant.  This makes the nine brothers and Deacon realize that they needed to have a last-hurrah adult trip before everyone starts having children and their chance is gone.

Orrin finds them an awesome eight-bedroom cabin on over two hundred acres of property that includes a pool and is right on a lake.  When his brother Ryder asks him if he will room with Alyssa so he can invite his new girlfriend he doesn't see a problem.  It won't be the first time in their twenty-year friendship they've had to share.  

This series just keeps getting better!  This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  If you haven't read books one and two of this series, I highly recommend that you do so because you aren't going to miss one page of these brothers' stories.  There are nine brothers, plus Deacon - makes ten, and their family just keeps growing.

This has to be one of the best best-friends-to-lovers book I've read.  A whole family of instigators.  I never laughed so hard at their cabin shenanigans, but these siblings are determined to open Sterling and Alyssa's eyes to what everyone else has known for years.

This book is action-packed, laugh-out-loud hilarious and smoking hot.  Thank God there are nine brothers because I never want this series to end!  Highly recommend!

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