Thursday, January 5, 2023


Lia bumped into a tall, lanky guy in a crowded dorm hallway not being able to find the room number she is looking for.  She is all turned around and confused because she can't find room 209.  The guy offers to help her find the room and he seems to know where she is going, but it is a secret.  And what is with his obnoxious mustache?  And then she realizes that her unfiltered mouth just spoke out loud.

Not sure if this is a test or not she goes to head the other way when he tells her she is going in the wrong direction.  What if he is there to test see if she gives away the secret?  When she finds a door without a number she decides to take a chance and knocks on the door the requisite amount of times and kicks at the door plate...the door opens a bit so she sees an eye and she says the password.

And the tall, lanky guy is right behind her telling her she missed part of the password.  Why is he there?  The eye behind the door agrees and the door begins to shut, but then the guy behind her tells him she is good, let her in.

She steps into the room and falls in love.  A Scrabble board is set up on the table (this is the Secret Scrabble Society, after all) and she meets the other members - Harley, Jarome, Christine, Imani and mustache guy, but the room makes her fill at home immediately.  Harry Potter, Star Wars, board games...and it belongs to Breaker Cane.  The man she insulted.

Now a decade later that man is her best friend...minus the mustache and no longer lanky, but muscular and he is her Man in Waiting helping her plan her wedding and being the buffer between her soon-to-be monster-in-law.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book!  It is that good.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Although it doesn't state it anywhere this is the final book of the three Cain brothers and wow! Breaker...he is everything.  Perfect best friend and does he pull out all the stops when he realizes what he is about to lose.

This book is action-packed from cover to cover and will keep you laughing and if you want smoking hot look no further!  This book packs the heat.  Highly recommend!!!

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