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was hammering in the last nail of the framed-out cottage and realized he was late meeting Sera at Frostival. He hoped that she would forgive him since he was working on their future home as a surprise.

After running home quickly he was on his way. He planned on proposing to Sera that night, but due to a car accident, he was almost two hours late and had a hard time finding a parking space with the thousands that were there for the Guinness Book of World Records most simultaneous snow angels at once.

His head turns as he hears her laugh only to see her holding the hands of a man as they make a double snow angel and then he watches in horror as the man helps her to stand and kisses her.

Sera was back in North Dakota and had forgotten how cold it was. It had been sixteen years since last attending the Frostival and she had been so angry that her so-called boyfriend had stood her up, but her parents’ new boss’s son had been there to make her laugh.

Laughed until she told him that they could only be friends after his kiss left her with no feelings. Because Dan didn’t agree and blackmailed her into dating him or he would tell his parents lies to get hers fired. She ended up turning to drugs to cope and it wasn’t until after she overdosed that he finally became bored with her and she was able to finally be free.

So now she plans to travel down memory lane as she returns to North Dakota to re-evaluate her life. She didn’t know what happened.  All her friends were either married with children or getting there and she didn’t know why it wasn’t her, but she blamed it all on Bas…because no one else has ever compared.

She didn’t understand why Bas had totally ghosted her and maybe getting an answer will help her move on with her life.

Another great story by Rogue London! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This is a wonderful second-chance romance full of misinterpretations and regrets. Sera felt like she had been ghosted and Bas misunderstood a kiss Sera had no control over. And both were too angry to confront the other.

This book is action-packed from beginning to end and full of betrayal, danger, and suspense, smoking hot chemistry, Daddy Dom tendencies, with a surprising twist in the storyline. Although Her North Dakota King is part of a series none of the characters or storylines are connected. Highly recommend.

HER NORTH DAKOTA KING is book twelve of the multi-author series STATESIDE DOMS

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