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Malphas didn't care what the demon Caym was up to in the human realm. As long as no-one was paying attention to his plans the demon could do as he pleased as far as he was concerned. He loved traveling through the portal to the human realm to acquire the best suits instead of the leather and chains the other demons preferred.  

Neg came to tell him that the higher-ups wanted them to retrieve Caym and to make a show of it so no-one else pulled any stunts. As they drug Caym back into the demon realm he couldn't help himself, Malphas turned around and winked at the wolf shifters...he had plans for the human realm in the future.

Audrey was just finishing up training with Ronin when they were attacked. She was just able to dodge talons as she tried to figure out what she was fighting. They looked like normal men but were exceedingly strong, their fingernails had turned into black-tipped claws and she couldn't detect the color of their eyes.

She was part of the Aspen Pack which wasn't unusual except she was a lioness shifter...a lion in a pack of wolves. She was also the Beta of the pack and one of the few that had survived the previous Alpha who destroyed the pack in his goal to be the sole leader of all the shifters.

When she returned to their den with news of the attack, she was called before the Alpha to meet their new Tracker. She stopped in shock when she saw the man...who was a dead ringer for her mate. Which was impossible since their bond had been broken when he had died over three decades ago.

The Aspen Pack needed a Tracker and Gaven needed a home. He had woken up thirty years ago in England not knowing who he was, only that he had a wolf to take care of. He was taken into a pack but now has returned to the United States...he just doesn't know what he is looking for, but everything has led him here.

I loved this book. It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This book is full of demons, wolf shifters, cat shifters, bear shifters and witches all living in the human realm. The Aspen Pack is trying to rebuild after the treachery of their previous Alpha and now they are faced with the fight of their lives as vampires have decided that their plans to take over the human realm all begin with taking out the Aspen Pack.

This book is full of action from word one. It is full of danger, suspense and smoking hot! If you love shifters then you will love this book! Carrie Ann Ryan brings you into a wonderful world full of shifters and other creatures and makes you feel like part of the story. Can't wait to continue this series!

ETCHED IN HONOR is book one of the ASPEN PACK Series

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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