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REVIEW - MATED IN CHAOS by Carrie Ann Ryan

Cole is the Alpha of the Central Pack.  Like Chase, Cole was a new Alpha but he wasn't as strong and not just in strength.  The Central Pack was the smallest of the packs and their bonds and magic had been stripped by the moon goddess after she had nearly died defending the pack after the previous Alpha had opened the portal to the demon Caym and used black magic in a war against the other packs.

Unlike the other packs who lived in their dens and were self-efficient, most of the Central Pack lived in the city with the humans as it was safer for them to blend.  The Talons and Redwoods Packs were the most powerful of the alliance as their bonds were becoming stronger as they mated across pack lines.

But the moon goddess had changed the mating rules and it could be centuries before you found your mate.  No longer was there an immediate connection letting you know that you had found your mate.  And although the moon goddess restored the Central Packs bonds and overnight he found himself as Alpha.

Now he had been blessed with two potential mates, but he knew that as Alpha he could only have one mate, but refused to choose between them. 

Niko was different from most shifters are he was the son of the Redwood Triad so he had the power of three.  He was not only a wolf but an elemental witch which made him faster than the other wolves, witches and humans.  

Adalyn was a hunter with the Alpha Pack and was one that the pack protected because she was a cat shifter...a cougar.  She had once been blessed with a prospective mate, but he hadn't picked her and had instead become a traitor alongside Blade.  And now the moon goddess had blessed her again, but she wasn't falling for her tricks again to just be turned away especially since she is now given two prospective mates.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is book three of the Aspen Pack series and I suggest that you start with book one even though this book has its own HEA.  The characters are recurring and the main storyline continues throughout the series as the packs fight again the vampires who are determined to still their magic and take over the human realm.

This book is action-packed, full of danger and suspense and smoking hot.  This is a poly-romance so beware if that's not your thing, but the moon goddess had a reason for putting these three together.  Highly recommend this series and can't wait to read more!

MATED IN CHAOS is book three in the ASPEN PACK Series


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