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Sara Browne COMPLETE Series is now available in a box set!
by Tricia T. LaRochelle

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The Sara Browne Series brings the reader on a heart-wrenching journey of redemption, where courage and forgiveness hold the key to unlocking true love.

When eighteen-year-old Sara Browne enters college, she hopes the trauma from her past is behind her. Within no time, a hot, six-foot-three blond named Scott Williams manages to capture her heart. But his love comes with a price, one that Sara may not be able to pay.

Lurking in the shadows, ugliness awaits their beautiful and powerful bond. It will take every ounce of strength for Sara not only to overcome the obstacles before her but to survive and somehow love again. 


Available in Kindle Unlimited!

The Sara Browne Box Set includes!


Genre/Trope:  Romantic Suspense
Trigger Warning: Emotional abuse and implied sexual abuse


Eighteen-year-old Sara Browne is about to step off a cliff. She is taking a giant leap into the world of college—a normal transition for most, but not for Sara. The car accident that stole her parents happened six years ago, but it was just yesterday for Sara.

She wants to trust her heart, but Scott’s promiscuous past creeps into their lives. Jealous ex-girlfriends are one thing, but the stranger who keeps sending Sara threatening letters is far worse. Someone is determined to destroy her relationship with Scott and the life Sara is trying so hard to rebuild.

© 2023 Tricia T LaRochelle

When I returned to my study area, my laptop was off, the screen blank. It wouldn’t power up, either. Battery? No, I had just charged it right before I left my dorm. My water bottle was three-quarters full when I had left it a few minutes ago. Now it was empty. A few droplets beaded on the keyboard. I picked up the now empty bottle, which was still upright, not tipped over, its cap secured in place. Had someone opened my bottle, tipped it over, and put the cap back on? What the? I looked around. Nothing about this situation made sense. The first thing that came to mind was sabotage—the second, Rachael. “I’ll return the favor,” she had vowed at the tailgate. Was this payback for the spilled-beer incident? Was a laptop worth the same as a Versace outfit?

That night, I walked to my car to do a grocery run. When I got there, my windows were marred with pink marker, the words “Watch your back,” in all caps. The windshield, the side windows, and the back. They were all covered. I used the hand wipes in my car to clean it off.

It seemed ruining my laptop wasn’t enough; Rachael was on the warpath. If not her, then someone else, which worried me beyond words. Considering my hypersensitivity to dangerous situations, it was like throwing gasoline on the tinderbox that was my PTSD. No one knew me here. And after running the situation through my mind, the only reason I could come up with, aside from Rachael’s ruined outfit, was my new relationship with Scott. Either Rachael was jealous or someone else was. Mindy and Charlene came to mind. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

REVIVE - Book 2

Genre/Trope:  Romantic Suspense
Trigger Warning: Violence


Traumatic events follow in the footsteps of Sara Browne’s life. She attempts a new start on a wobbly foundation with Scott by her side.

Trying to navigate a relationship and college life, Sara struggles, looking for ways to heal. She latches onto a story that resurfaces about a student named Carrie Stevens, who went missing the year before.

As a diversion from her own problems, Sara obsesses over Carrie and what happened to her. She digs deeper, unleashing a terrible secret that rocks her to the core.

©2023 Tricia T LaRochelle

It's 4:30 p.m., and after returning a text to Scott who had wished me luck, I drove across town, my hands visibly shaking. Was I even going to be able to speak? My throat thickened at the thought of it. 

I parked and walked into a brick municipal-looking building, adorned with lots of windows, and found a sign on the first floor for Dr. Zeller, Suite 100, which was just down the hall. Once inside, a note welcomed me from the top of a side table: “Make yourself comfortable, and your therapist will be right out.” Next to the sign, sat a small radio where light music played. The room smelled of rosemary with a hint of mint—all props meant to relax nervous patients, I was sure. 

No one was there, so I took one of four chairs available and flipped through various magazines, my mind elsewhere. 

Within no time, a squeak in the carpeted floor alerted me that Dr. Zeller was approaching. The same woman whom I had seen on the website, reached her hand out and smiled. “You must be Sara.”

With sweaty palms, I rose to my feet, shaking her hand and trying my best to steady my lower lip from vibrating. In fact, my entire body was trembling. I hoped she didn’t notice. 

“I’m Dr. Zeller.” She swept one arm toward an open door, ten feet away. “We’re right in here.”


Genre/Trope:  Romantic Suspense
Trigger Warning: None


Three years after her freshman year from hell, Sara graduates college a stronger and more well-balanced woman. Her relationship with Scott is strong, their future together bright. If only her parents could be there to join in the celebration.

Just when she thinks the craziness of the past is finally over—and for good—a mysterious stranger shows up at her graduation that turns Sara’s world upside down. This man may just be the answer to her prayers or another devastating blow to her already traumatic life.

© 2023 Tricia T LaRochelle

As the people around me joked and chatted, and Mel ran around my legs, playing peekaboo with Scott, who crouched down, giving her his full attention, the heebie-jeebies continued to niggle at my nerves. 

What is happening?

All at once, the reason for my discomfort emerged from the crowd. A big reason. For a moment, time stood still. What was I seeing? I blinked, and then I blinked again. It wasn’t possible. My father died ten years ago. I knew this because I was there when it happened. So, what was he doing here now?



Since she was a little girl, Tricia T. LaRochelle has been obsessed with tragic love stories. No beach reads for her. Bring on the grit with a double side of turmoil. She likes to feel the character’s anguish as they fight to overcome obstacles to be together. 

Growing up in central Vermont, she has seen her share of tragedy but remains a hopeful romantic. She now lives in central Virginia where she continues to foster the possibilities of how love can conquer all.

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