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If you like reading BDSM books you will like this book. I have to admit that although I have read many books relating to BDSM in the past I had very interesting Google searches and learned more than I probably needed about the BDSM lifestyle. This is definitely the most intense I have read. This story includes two separate romances connected through Firehouse 49 and also best friends. 

Control is a word she lives by...whether fighting fires or as a Domme. When Estrella tripped over bondage porn she knew she had found her niche. She wasn't into issuing pain, but she pushed her subs to their limits before allowing them pleasure. 

Estrella's best friend Caleb was a cowboy and loved working on a ranch and being around horses. When he asked her to join him at Whips and Chains she was surprised to see her new Lieutenant Beau there. She had no interest in him, but Caleb is excited to see the one-night-stand who he never exchanged names with.

Sakura's mother wants her to marry the man they have chosen for her. Her father wants her to get her Master's Degree first. She wants neither. She begs them to give her twelve months without interference and then she will marry.

This book is very graphic so be warned. It is full of shibari bondage, impact play, sadism, F/m, F/f, M/m. Safewords have no meaning here so you are warned. Beau is a sadist, but Caleb thrives on the pain. Estrella loves control and Sakura needs instruction.

Even though Estrella and Beau are both part of Firehouse 49 this book focuses more on their relationships. There is a fire in the backstory, but it just leaves more questions than answers but since this is a continuing multi-author series that may be resolved in a later book. 

This story is told in all four POVs so you are able to get inside all of their heads and understand their individual needs. This book will push all of your buttons and is the most hardcore BDSM that I have read.

PLAYING WITH MY FIRE is book three of the PIPER FALLS: FIREHOUSE 49 Multi-author Series

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