Thursday, July 20, 2023

REBRAND - WORTH THE RISK by Cindee Bartholomew


Worth the Risk by Cindee Bartholomew
A 6 Book Series

Genre: Contemporary Romance | Ex-Military | Celebrity Dancer

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From book 1:

An Alpha Male, Secret Identity, Insta-love Novella from Amazon Charts Bestselling Author Cindee Bartholomew.

Maximus Aurelius Moore (My God! What a sexy name! ) is a tall, muscular, golden-tanned, green-eyed, blonde-haired hunk of a hero and a complete mystery.

The military helicopter pilot is the man he shows 90% of the world.

A carefree, fun-loving, watermelon seed-spitting champion.

Known for brutally mowing down b*tches at the bar with a classic line:

“Look! I’m not into you, and I'm not getting ‘in’ to you."

Only about 10% of his friends know who he actually is.

He’s a man with more secrets than an alphabet letter agency spook.

Not by choice but by birthright.

About Cindee Bartholomew:

Cindee Bartholomew is an Amazon Chart author, writing steamy romance with the perfect blend of sass and soul. 

Born in 1960, she grew up reading Barbara Cartland, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and Desiree Holt. 

Marrying her high school sweetheart at twenty, their romance is proof that love at first sight, soul mates, and fairytale happily ever afters are real. 

Cindee also writes HOT billionaire romcoms as Jessika Klide and HOT romantic suspense thrillers as Stingray23. 


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