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He had seen death too many times. First his mother, then his father and now his brother. He had seen a lot of death, but this time he felt fear settle in that another loved one was going to die. He grabbed his brother from the bullet-ridden car looking for signs of life. His last words to him were..."You know what to do"...

Isla felt his eyes on her as she walked towards the stage. Smoldering like he could consume her...and she didn't think she cared. Although the handsome stranger was older than her he wasn't old and instead of looking away, she threw him a kiss and a wink before stepping onto the stage.

Isla couldn't believe that Reina had been able to get Enrico Marchetti to let her use this beautiful venue for her first fashion show, let alone invite some of his contacts. It was a huge night for all of them. Reina in the world of fashion, she and Phoenix as musicians and Athena and Raven in the art world. 

They attended The Royal College of Arts and Music where Phoenix could follow her dream of being a pianist without her sister Reina having to give up hers in fashion design. You would never know the way the music flowed through her fingertips that she was deaf and couldn't hear a single note. Now not only could they all stay together, but it was in Paris!

She takes the stage and everything disappears as she closes her eyes and the music and emotion flow through her violin.

Enrico Marchetti is the head of one of the five ruling families and instead of working against each other they have joined forces, but what makes them even stronger is joining forces with the other powerful families and now run one of the most powerful and successful organizations in the world...The Thorns of Omertà. 

But there were cracks within each family and the only way to keep them splitting open was to join their families in unions of marriage. No one would go to war when their children were involved. And everyone has a secret. The Marchetti secret could destroy everything.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Even though this book can be read as a standalone I am definitely starting this series from the beginning as the characters are recurring and the threads of their story are intertwined with this book. 

Isla and her four girlfriends have a secret that has bonded them for life and although we get teasers throughout the story there is still a mystery to unfold. Enrico is obsessed with Isla and even when he finds out who she is related to it just makes him more determined to make her his. 

I really love how this author has pulled mini-stories together giving you a glimpse into the secondary characters and the unexpected connections. This story has tons of secrets, some revealed, some still secret. And twists...some secrets are bigger than others and a truly evil surprising antagonist.

This book is smoking hot and has everything you could want in a dark mafia romance. Can't wait for the next book in the series! Highly recommend.

THORNS OF DEATH is book three of the THORNS OF OMERTA Series

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