Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Even after dating Hannah for the last five years, he didn't think he really know who she was. He is just getting home after working late to find her at his apartment and told him that she didn't think it was working out, but when he agreed and said OK she got pissed.

During Luke's senior year of high school, he got an internship with a production company in New York. He and his friend Gary had written and starred in an online live comedy series and it reached enough popularity that they were hired directly out of high school as scriptwriters.

This story follows nineteen-year-old Luke who gets his dream job directly out of high school and his off-and-on relationship with his longtime girlfriend, but with his eyes on another. 

It is very well written, totally from Luke's POV and flows almost like reflections written in a diary. Luke definitely has some growing up to do in the relationship department.

This is a new author to me and it is nice reading a story from a man's POV. I look forward to reading more from him in the future.

UPSTATE BLUES is book one of the WHERE YOU WANT TO BE Series

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