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He would rather burn down the world to save him than sacrifice him to save the world...but, he wanted the promise that he never sacrificed anyone in order to save him. A promise he couldn't make...A promise that would haunt him.

Kale Lang just arrived for his first shift as Lieutenant of a new firehouse. He arrived in Texas hoping to leave the nightmares of Hawaii behind. He needed a new start even though he felt unworthy. Alhough he had memorized the names of everyone in the station he was shocked to come face-to-face with the Captain of his crew. The photograph didn't do the gorgeous man before him any justice and when feelings he thought had burnt to the ground like his past came up he decided to avoid Elden Parker unless absolutely necessary.

He had barely been introduced to the captain when a call came in about a garage fire. Not understanding the grimness of the crew until they told him that it was Blake's house. Elden's younger brother. Kale had even more reason to avoid Elden after disobeying his commands several times during their call, but he was the only one that heard what he did...he wasn't losing anyone else.

I loved this story. It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although MM romance is not my normal reading I enjoyed being reacquainted with Firehouse 49 and getting Elden's story. Kale did not start out of a good foot in this D/s relationship and Elden made sure that Kale knew the punishment for disobeying him in the future.

Kale's backstory will bring you to tears. This book ends with a slight twist and a happily for now with a note that their story will continue in a spinoff series where I wouldn't be surprised that "firefighter" will take on a new meaning. 

If you enjoy MM romance you will totally enjoy this story.

REGAINING MY FIRE is book two of the PIPER FALLS: Firehouse 49 multi-author series

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