Thursday, July 6, 2023

REVIEW - IN TOO DEEP by Kelly Thomas

Jake is looking at all of the board members who seemed to have arrived early to meet between themselves before his arrival. He knows he isn't going to like what they have to say since his mother rarely attends these meetings.

He had inherited Harris Real Estate Holdings after his father's death. Although he is appreciative of all his father's hard work building the billion dollar corporation he would much rather have more time with his dad.

They have been getting a lot of bad press lately on their new family complex that is scheduled to open in a few months and the latest are photos of him partying at a club over the weekend and although the man who has a woman grinding up on him looks similar it isn't him. The Board is demanding that he keep a low profile until the complex opens. 

The weeklong conference in Atlanta is just what he needs. The bar is still slow so he decides to get a beer and glance around. That's when he sees a woman with a backside so striking he knows her face has to be just as gorgeous. When he approaches to get her name she turns around...and he stares in's his best friend Hunter's sister.

Haley Hensen is a private chef, but wants to start her own catering business and she is hoping to learn all she needs about the groundwork of a successful business at this conference. And with networking in mind for potential clients she heads to the hotel bar. Only to run into her brother's best friend who she has crushed on since she was fourteen.

When caught making out in the elevator by a Board member she is surprised when Jake introduces her as his fiance. It's just for a few days...what's the harm.

I love this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This is a slow-burn brother's best friend, fake fiance romance. 

Haley and Jake haven't seen each other in years and meet by accident while at an out-of-town conference. But their fake fiance ruse bites them in the butt when they return home as their family hears about the engagement and they have to continue because of the happiness on their mother's faces.

I liked the storyline but was disappointed in her brother's response to their engagement. I would have liked to have had more interaction with the secondary characters instead of the short pieces they had but since the story revolved more around their time shared together it all worked.

I am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future!

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