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REVIEW - RESURGENCE by Shelby Gunter

Music is thumping through the room as they celebrate Isaac and Lizzy's happiness but he realizes how jaded he had become that he can't enjoy the party. All he can do is try not to stare at the dark-haired girl he has no business looking at. Thia. Of all the women in the world he would be attracted to the one most off-limits.

As he's trying to decide if it's too early to leave without being rude he gets a call from Connor. Connor had been running a background check for him and came across Thia's name. She was put on The Black List...a site on the black market for the depraved to buy anything they someone to torture or worse.  And Thia was on the auction block ... as a sex slave.

Thia doesn't know why she is so fascinated with Jackson. Just the size of him should terrify her, but she feels protected when in his presence. Something she never thought she would ever feel. She had spent months being chained in the closet of the sadistic Yuri Solokov. She would be forever grateful to Hailey, Lizzy and Dax for rescuing her.

Hailey and Lizzy were part of The Shadow Society. A group of women who go after bad men that the justice system can't. She still can't believe Kathryn invited her to join them...although she has 1st hand experience and is thankful for the training to defend herself.

What a perfect ending to an amazing trilogy! Thia had been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave, but despite all the torture she endured she has an inner strength that kept her from losing her mind. Jackson started a security firm right after his discharge from the Marines and although they take on mostly government contracts, he and his mercenaries joined in to find the monsters behind the worldwide trafficking ring.

This book is action-packed from page one and will keep you turning the pages as the mystery starts to unfold. Everything is connected...Hailey, Lizzy and most of all Thia. MAJOR PLOT TWIST! Everything finally makes sense and believe me when I say it is a shocker.

Each of the books in this series has their own HEA, but to fully understand the major storyline they need to be read in order. For those with triggers, this series deals with human sex trafficking but this author does an awesome job and especially in her betrayal of Thia.

Highly recommend! Looking forward to stories for the men of Nightfall Security...hint, hint.

RESURGENCE is book three of THE SHADOW Series
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