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I want to thank Adeline Raine so much for taking the time to answer my interview questions!

I hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I have!

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Adaline Raine is a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Her favorite stories to write are contemporary Daddy Doms, age-play, Alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and paranormal romance with a twist.

She lives in upstate NY with her two teenage sons.

When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I have notebooks dating back to first and second grade where I wrote elaborate stories with plots and dialogue.  I've wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember.

Before that I used to tape myself on audio playing with Barbie dolls and making up their stories!  They were always romantic in nature **giggles**

Did you have any influencing writers growing up?

All of them.  I loved Lois Lowrey, Judy Bloom, Anne Rice, Jane Eyre, Stephan King (I'm not into Horror but I love the way he crafts) Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts.

I could go on and on.  I love reading!

Are any of your characters based on people in real life?

Sort of.  I pull real life moments, backstories, and funny instances all the time.  I've been described by others as witty and quick on the comeback - so I sprinkle that into my stories for sure.

Where do you draw your book inspirations from?

I don't draw them from anywhere.  The hero shows up and tells me to sit down and observe.  I never know which way the story is going.  My characters surprise me all the time!

Do you use have a basic outline when starting a new story or do you let the characters lead the way?

Ha!  See my answer above.  I truly am a pantser.  I don't plan, plot, or have any clue on the journey but there is always a Happy Ever After or Happy For Now guaranteed. 

When you are picturing the characters in your book, do you have a cheater photo for inspiration?

I have never heard of a "cheater" photo.  The male hero always shows up first and is always a character from a show or movie that I identified with.

The more dominant he is on the show the bigger chance he'll show up in my head one day. *wink*

Many people read as a form of escape and relaxation.  What is your favorite way to sit back and relax?

Hm.  I don't relax as often as I should.  I work a nine to five that never ends at five and I'm raising two teenage boys by myself.

I love reading, I can devour books in a few hours but I'm typically writing.  Other than that I like stand-up comedy and cooking.

Who are your favorite current authors to read?

Way too many to list.  I read a lot of authors in the genre I write as well as Laurel K. Hamilton, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz to name a few.

What are your favorite books by others?

If Tomorrow Never Comes, Doctors, Summer Sisters, The Baby-Sitters Club (yes still), Stephen King On WritingNora Roberts The Sign of Seven Trilogy, Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, Interview with the Vampire.

Do the locations in the stories have any meaning to you?

Possibly.  I write what I know or research to make it fit.  I live in a small town in NY.  I've definitely pulled on that small town vibe before.  If I need a story to be set somewhere else or the characters show me another location, then I'll research a bit.

Do you write in single or multiple POV?

I've done both.  I enjoy both male and female character POV as it deepens the story.

What do you find to be your best research tool?

The Google. *laughs*  Seriously, I don't know how we ever lived without it.

Do you write under a pen name?  Also, do you write under more than one name?

Yes, this is a penname.  I do not have multiple names.

What genre do you write and why is this your preference?

I am a romance girl all the way through.  That's what I like to read and therefore write.  Why write something you don't enjoy at all?

Tell me something about yourself outside of writing.  Jobs, accomplishments, family, quirky traits....what led to you being you?

A lot of things.  I'm an introvert with the energy of an extrovert.  I love people but I have social anxiety.  It's easier for me to talk one on one than in large groups.

I used to be a volunteer EMT before I had kids so I have a soft spot for Firefighters and Medics.  My oldest son just joined the local Firehouse and I couldn't be more proud.

I am sarcastic, love puns and one-liners.  I'm inappropriate most of the time naturally (I say dirty things when I don't mean to) and I have a lot of love to give.

If you are a duo writing team, how do you share the writing process?

I am writing with a co-author and it's been the most fun.  I don't feel like I'm doing this writing thing alone - I write what speaks to me and she writes what speaks to her.  We did plot out quite a bit (for me as a pantser this was different) and it's really been an enjoyable experience.  I can't wait to share more details once the story is ready!

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Sit your butt in the chair and just write.  Seriously.  It's that simple.  The more you write the more you will write.  It sounds simple but it works.  Really.

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