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REVIEW - TAKE by Raven Jayne

This first portion is from my review of Obey - Lesson One and gives a little background...., but it is highly suggested that you read this series in order.  They are not stand-alone books and are all about Juliette and her lessons to become the perfect wife.

Juliette comes from a long line of the elite rich.  Rich beyond any imagination.  And in this world, there are secrets and marriages are alliances.  

Juliette has been promised in marriage for as long as she can remember even though she's never seen his face or even know his name.  Her whole life she has been schooled to be his perfect wife. 

Her father calls her to him and tells her that her husband sent her a gift.  Although he isn't her husband yet.  She has just turned twenty-one and is impatient to finally meet her soon-to-be husband and plan her wedding.

But the gift has conditions.  She is to be sent for erotic training.  When she arrives the next day at the appointed address there is no one in the conference room.  Just a silver tray with a note telling her to remove her panties, put them on the tray, lean with her elbows on either side of the tray with the note between her teeth.

But she got tired of waiting and after thirty minutes got out of position and started to investigate the room.  Which is how he found her.  Her instructor.  Who demanded she calls him Master.  Who told her she failed the test in obedience. 

Master is a gorgeous man with dark hair and striking green eyes whose presence takes over the room.  She finds out that she has to pass Lesson One to get to the next lesson.  Not only does he not disclose his name, but he also gives her no information on the lessons or the name of her husband-to-be who ordered these lessons.

Lessons to become his toy.

Lesson One is on obedience.  She is sent to a famous Russian ballet studio for her first lessons.  After weeks and weeks of training under Vlad, she finally understands the purpose of these sessions with him.  It would make things a lot easier if she was told what they wanted from the beginning.

In Lesson Two, Juliette is sent to the famous painter Antoine, who again gives her no clue as to what he is looking for.  She poses and sits for hours and hours and when the final work is done although the painting is erotic in context - it is awful.  You can see the vacancy in her eyes - her wish to be elsewhere.  Which puts her on probation and she thinks that she has lost her chance of passing these lessons and will lose her husband-to-be.

In Lesson Three, Juliette is called to Master's office.  She is still out of sorts every time she is in his presence.  It's not only that he is very tall with broad shoulders and piercing green eyes that see right through you, it is in the way he holds himself.  Just standing by the window flipping through a file he is in more control than any man she has ever seen.

When he praises her on making it to this point in her lessons she is relieved because he doesn't hand out compliments freely.  And then he tells her that she is out of probation and can advance to her next lesson.

Her next instructor is Jackson, a sexual practitioner who is going to teach her how to have sex.  She then is told that her virginity is not a gift to be saved for her husband.  That her husband does not want it.

As much as she wants to complete her lessons so that she can finally meet the 'Client' and her husband-to-be she freezes up every time Jackson tried to enter her.  Jackson is movie-star handsome with a deep tan and piercing blue eyes, but she just can't seem to go through with it.  When he tells her he will have to contact the Master about the situation Juliette knows that she has finally lost her chance to marry.

As she is waiting in front on the Master she has to keep telling herself that he is not mine to want or his to have.  He is just my husband's proxy following his wishes to the letter.  When he tells her that he should just take her and get over with she agrees.

He may not be hers, but she will always have the memory that he was her first.  

This is when she finds out that her whole life has been a test.  That all the schooling and lessons have brought her to this point that she had been bought and paid for.  She has never had a choice - her life has always been planned out for her.

I love this series.  The books are very well written and I am fully engaged with all the characters.  Even though all her instructors are gorgeous, the Master stands out above them all not only in appearance but in his complete control.  Never letting his feelings show.  We are starting to see a few dents in his armor where he is starting to see Juliette as a person and not a subject he has been hired to train.

At the end of this book, Juliette is left with a box with three smaller boxes and a priceless string of pearls.  She is to open the boxes only upon the dates inscribed on the boxes.  These three tasks are to be completed while Master is out of town for a week.

As I stated in the previous reviews, this series is highly erotic with triggers galore.  So if you have trigger issues these are not the books for you!

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