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This is the second book in the Beauty and the Beast trilogy!

He is in purgatory.  Everything is hot and his flesh is burning.  Only he's not dead.  He's not in hell.

Leo wakes up in a hospital room but it doesn't at first compute to him what his sister is wearing and why she looks different from when she rushed him to the hospital.  But then a vision appears behind her in the doorway and it all comes back to him.

He's not fourteen and dying from a blood infection from being beaten to the edge of life by Caroline Constantine.  No, it's years later, and after he finally got his vengeance giving her a taste of her own medicine she sent a hitman.

He had been shot.  He had been ready to die.  To end his life of pain.  It was all too much to bear after sending Haley away.  But, there she was between him and Ronan. 

He rushes to her despite nurses trying to get him back into the bed to make sure she is unharmed.  He knows she will hate him for what he is about to do.  He will now keep her a prisoner to keep her safe.  Caroline will know she was there with him from Ronan and now she wasn't safe.

Just like book one, we have a cliffhanger, but this is one of betrayal.  This book is full of surprises and we see under the layers and layers of Leo's anger.  Begin to understand all the mental and physical pain of his life and why he is the Beast everyone knows him as.

But, Haley sees who he really is, and at first, that enrages him even more than his usual angry persona.  But, now he can't let her leave ever...she's the only thing that buffers the pain.

This book is full of suspense and the more you learn about Leo and what drives him you realize he does what he does to protect those who have been harmed, by his father and the Constantines. 

The chemistry between Haley and Leo is raw and explicit.   He needs to see her tears, but she craves the pain.

If these two books have told me anything it's that Fallen Rose is going to be heartwrenching, but just like Haley, I can't seem to keep away.  Highly recommend!

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