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The Destruction You Desire is Book 5 of the Maddison Kings University series and the final book of Luca and Peyton's duet.

Luca was standing outside Peyton's house undecided.  He has been so cruel to Peyton since she returned to town after breaking his heart and moving away five years ago.  Who is he kidding this is all his own fault for not believing her, calling her a liar, and turning his back on his best friend.

He hears laughter from the backyard and gets up the nerve and opens the back gate.  Everyone looks up in shock when they hear the gate slam, but that's not what catches his attention.  The huge bouquet flowers and birthday card he was folding fall from his hands as he looks at a child who looked exactly as he did at that age.

Did he have a child that she had hidden from him?  He is enraged.  But, when she tells him that she never lied to him he is even more enraged.  That he trusted the wrong person and had turned his back on the woman he loved.  He is looking at his brother.  His father did in fact make her underage sister pregnant.

Kaeden is looking at him from a wheelchair.  He had been in the car accident that had killed Payton's mother months ago.  He would eventually get better and even having broken both his legs in the accident he was a very happy five-year-old boy.

When Peyton received a call from a doctor in Atlanta that her sister was in ICU from an overdose and might not make it, he knew he had to step up and be the man she needed.  So he gets them a flight immediately.  

It was while they were waiting for her sister to wake up that he found out why she was working at The Locker.  An exclusive men's club where the waitresses received extra tips for their special services.  Although Peyton didn't provide those services he hated the provocative way she was forced to dress and he didn't know how to tell her that she worked for the man she hated, his dad.

So he made arrangements for Libby's hospital stay, upcoming rehabilitation, and Peyton's debt for the hospital bills for her mom and Kaeden's hospital and medical bills.  It was the least that he could do regardless of how pissed she was about it.

He and his twin needed to get together and decide how to ruin their dad and make him pay for all that he has done to Libby and he doesn't know how many other girls he abused.

This was an amazing end to Luca and Peyton's story.  I loved how when Luca found out the truth it wasn't all roses.  Luca realizes that he may have lost Peyton forever with his cruelty and Payton doesn't make it easy on him.

I love the characters!  Luca and Peyton's relationship is erotic and highly sexual.  Even as they hated each other they couldn't deny their chemistry.  I loved Letty opening up and getting more Leon time.  Can't to wait to see what he's been hiding from Luca.  

This book is very well written and you feel part of the story.  It is action-packed and full of suspense along with smoking how s#x!  Highly recommend this book and the complete Maddison Kings University series!


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