Tuesday, August 17, 2021

REVIEW - FALLEN ROSE by Amelia Wilde

This is the final book of the Beauty and the Beast trilogy!

Haley wakes up sluggish and to the knowledge that she's not in Leo's room.  Not in Leo's bed.  She is an elegantly appointed room and when she realizes where she's at fear grips her.  Because she knows where she's at now.  She's in Caroline's house.  And she knows that being in her aunt's house is the worse place she could be.

Her brother had betrayed her and tricked her outside of Leo's gates so Caroline's man could drug and kidnap her.

When she realizes what Caroline plans for her she prays harder for Leo to save her.  Because Caroline plans for Rick to rape her and force her into marrying him.  And Rick will do anything to become a Constantine.

Leo hates not being in control.  He lost control of his future at the age of fourteen when Catherine seduced and beat him to an inch of his life and since that time eighteen years ago he has hidden his secret and become the Beast of Bishop's Landing.  

He is known for his cruelty.  It is his shield, but Haley has seen the truth.  She knows all his secrets.  So when she is kidnapped by her own family, a monster, he begs his brother to help him get her back.

This book.  Wow!  It is action-packed from beginning to end.  We get answers to questions and situations from books one and two and several twists in between.

We meet more Morelli and Constantines and get a better dynamic for these two feuding families.  Leo has grown so much since book one.  His scars run so deep that he almost wished for death so the pain would finally go away, but he hated to leave Haley unprotected.

The chemistry between Haley and Leo is complicated.  The sex is explicitly hot and tests her limits to pain, but she bears the pain because she knows how much Leo needs to be in control and why.

We have the cruelty of the worst kind imaginable towards a teenager, betrayal of family, finding out that the Beast isn't the monster in this series and an amazing love story that manages to survive even as they are fighting for their life literally throughout this series.

This series will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from book one until the end of this trilogy.  This book alone has so much going on with major occurrences that take the story in different directions.

I cried through this book, especially the last quarter of it.  The depth of emotion that comes through these pages is intense.

I can't wait to see what Amelia Wilde has in store for our innocent Daphne and how Leo will react to her collector.

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