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Sometimes Bronx Bradford hated his job working for the best private security company in the world and today is one of them.  His current client doesn't listen to him any more than she did to her own 'private' security.  

The rock star had been receiving love tokens from a sicko of his shaved-off hair and graphic letters detailing his murder/suicide plans so they will spend eternity together.  Well, he just put him out of his misery...with a pitchfork through the chest.  You have to be prepared and use what is at hand in his profession.

Doctor Blake Rothwell is the Head of Tactical Creations for Hayworth Industries designing and testing advancements in tactical gear.  Hayworth Industries is a private security and military company and all recruits are to take each training situation as if it was real.  Meaning there are real injuries - broken bones, stitches, surgeries and sometimes lengthy hospital stays.  Once someone's eye popped out of socket.  

And she is enjoying the crap out of torturing one of her voluntolds.  She didn't appreciate him hurting her friend by sleeping with her younger sister when she went to the store.  So she may have given him some flames retardant pants that couldn't stand the heat point needed to test the flame-resistant shoes she was testing.

Twin brother Brandon and she couldn't be any different if they tried.  She is a scientist with a very analytical mind and way of speaking and has a hard time around people and only wants to talk science.  He is a narcissist who charms people over caviar, opera, and polo.

She is surprised and annoyed when her brother leaves his part of the company to invade hers saying he needs to speak to her.  There has been chatter due to her significantly increased success in protective gear threatening to have her kidnapped. 

So she is informed that she is having a security team assigned to her.  She revolts and he agrees to her terms of one.  But he has to be unmarried and have no children.  She doesn't want to take anyone away from their family for this useless assignment.

Bronx is called in the meet with one of the Numbers at Hayworth Industries, the security firm he works for.  There are twenty of them positioned throughout the world, but no one knows who they are and he has no clue why he has been summoned and has no clue what his assignment will be until after he accepts the job.  But, the payment is worth not knowing details beforehand.

I love this book!  This book is very well written and all of the characters are fully developed and absolutely amazing.  This book is hilarious from cover to cover.  Their internal answers to questions they are asked kept me laughing.  

This book is action-packed and full of danger and intrigue.  Think of her as Q to his James Bond.  The chemistry between Blake and Bronx is steamy hot from their first meeting, but Bronx has a larger job than protecting her.  He needs to teach this genius what it means to have fun.

Highly recommend this book!!!

BULLETPROOF is book one of the Haworth Enterprises Series

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