Saturday, August 21, 2021


Destiny turned thirty today and she was on her way to her best friend Candi's photo studio for their night on the town.  She would have preferred to have just stayed in and watched a movie, but Candi had other ideas for their celebrations.  And Candi has a full wardrobe of outfits to chose from for a night on the town in her studio.

She arrives at the studio early and texts Candi to let her know that she's in her office.  She's surprised when Candi arrives immediately begging her for a favor.  One of the models for her shoot is late and she needs to have the lighting ready when the model arrives and she needs Destiny to stand in as an extra body.

Destiny agrees.  Until she finds out that she's going to be posing with Niccolo Mancini.  A drop-dead gorgeous actor that she's been fantasizing about since his movie was released months ago.  When she finally agrees Candi dresses her in an outfit that is way out of her comfort zone and doesn't just need her for set up lighting.  

Candi decides to give Destiny some fun and has them pose in provocative positions.  The late model gets there just in time to save her from embarrassing herself from melting all over him.

Destiny returns to Candi's office and grabs pen and paper and starts to write.  Words that have been out of her reach start flowing out of her.  Destiny is a romance author and the last few years have been a struggle for her, but now she can't write her ideas down fast enough.

Destiny can't believe that Candi invited Niccolo and the model Gigi to celebrate her birthday.  When they arrive at the club, she is shocked when they are escorted to a high-end private lounge overlooking the dance floor.  She is even more shocked to find out that the lounge was Niccolo's gift to her.

Destiny can't believe that she's talking to her fantasy man.  She doesn't understand why he insists on sitting with her at the bar when he could have any woman he wants.  When he finds out that her mom is in the show business he offers a deal.  Introduce him to her mom to see if he could get some Hollywood contacts and he would be her book inspiration and he would advertise her book to his millions of fans.

I loved this book.  It was very well written and the author made me feel part of Destiny and Nicco's story.  I loved Destiny and Nicco's path to their HEA.  She had been let down by a previous fiance and never felt good enough.  She tries her best not to let Nicco into her heart because what kind of future would they have.  He was on his rise to fame.  They were both going in different directions.

When he talks her into going to his home in Italy for research for her book she balks.  But, when will she ever get the opportunity again?   I love Nicco's growth throughout this book.  He had been hurt in the past and felt that he had nothing to offer a woman, so never entered into a relationship.  Destiny fills the space in his empty heart and helped him to release the past.

Great book!

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