Tuesday, August 10, 2021


This is book two of the Gods and Monsters series and they are meant to be read in order.  

In book one, Stupid Cupid, Eros (Cupid) was sent to Earth as punishment for his mischievous misuse of his arrows.  The gods decided to use his own arrows against him, but there was a catch...they would pick the target.

The gods are livid when their plans backfire.  Eros' punishment was to find unrequited love, but his love is returned and now he has to protect her from their wrath.

When Briar Rose awakens from her nightmare she realizes it was real.  The theme park had been attacked and destroyed.  People were dead.  In her bid to escape Eros when he tells her that he is ultimately responsible for these attacks, he rescues her once again from a major wreck on the Pacific Highway.

And flies her away.  Yes, he can fly.  And now he had brought her to Pleasure Island so he can keep her safe.  But, she has news for him...someway somehow she's getting off this island.

I loved this book!  As exciting as book one was, book two way exceeded my expectations.  It is very well written.  The characters are fully developed and very relatable regardless of being a human, god, or demon.  The descriptions truly put you on the island in the middle of this hedonist's paradise.

Pleasure Island is a true devil's paradise.  Truly.  This book takes us into Lucifer's playground and boy hold on to those britches because anything and everything is allowed.

The descriptions of this underworld paradise are so well done that you can see the organic bubbles, with orgies going on within, careening from wall to wall.

This book is full of action, twists, hedonistic pleasure, and explicit sex scenes.  The chemistry between Briar Rose and Eros is off the charts!

I highly recommend this series!  You won't be disappointed!

Start reading now!

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