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REVIEW - CHASING PRINCE CHARMING by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

Becca has gone through her closet trying on outfits and looks nothing like a princess and everything like a desperate mom.  Her daughter Thea signs to her that she looks fine.  

Although the contestants for the reality TV show CHASING PRINCE CHARMING will be wearing ballgowns on the show, she was asked to dress in her everyday clothes which weren't an option for her.  Because her everyday clothes consisted of a pair of stained jeans, an old t-shirt, and a messy bun.

But it's too late to change because the TV people have arrived.  Just as she is opening the door her other daughter Rosie throws two handfuls of glitter at her face yelling "YOU'RE A PRINCESS!"  She is horrified that she is going to be interviewed covered in GLITTER and the producer standing in front of her can barely keep a straight face.  Wonderful!

Becca's friend signed her up as a contestant and she's gone along with it not looking for her Prince Charming, but for the adventure.  She learned the hard way from her deceased husband that there are no Princes, but that is something that she has kept from her daughters and in-laws for the past three years.

He may have been a horribly abusive husband, but he loved his daughters - Thea was ten-years-old and amazing despite how she was treated differently when people realized she was deaf and Rosie was a very active five-year-old who was either very excited or very NOT.  Hopefully, for this interview she would very excited and not have one of her meltdowns.

This is Nate Coleman's first interview for this year's contestants.  Well, it is his first interview period.  He was Head Producer for his friend Jason's JASON CLIMBS SH!T YouTube channel and although the show was going places he couldn't get Jason to see any further than YouTube and was amazed when he got a Producer job for this show especially being a black man from Jamaica.

His first job with a show that had one of the highest ratings and followers on network TV.  He was in a white industry with a definite white cast.  He knew there were three black women contestants, but also that their chances of staying to the end were heavily against them.

Becca is dressed in a beautiful dark blue ballgown sitting in one of the thirty horse-drawn carriages lined up in front of their castle for the show.  She is so glad that she is joined by Nate as she waits for the carriages to move up one at a time to the enormous manor house with a long cobblestone drive in Sunset Beach that has actual turrets.

As with her interview, Nate had a way of calming her nerves and they talked and joked around until it was her turn to exit the carriage to meet Prince Charming.  Where she almost landed on her face at Prince Preston Carmichael's feet.  People don't realize how cumbersome these gowns are and trying to exit the carriage gracefully takes grace that she evidently doesn't have.

Just as the contestants are wearing ballgowns, Preston is dressed in formal wear fit for a Prince.  He looks like he stepped out of a Disney movie.  Preston may be a handsome man, but he had nothing on Nate who was drop-dead gorgeous.  She was having a hard time remembering why she was here when Nate was nearby.

I loved loved loved this book!  It is a behind-the-scenes story of reality tv and not only the bitchiness of the contestants, but the manipulations from producers to get the story they want for the most dramatic effect for their ratings.

The characters are all true to life and you feel like you are a part of the story.  We have Becca and her daughters, Thea and Rosie, and her in-laws.  We get to meet several of the "nice" contestants and Preston.  Jason and Emily even make a visit (they had their HEA in The Real Not-Wifes of Red Rock Canyon, but this book can be read as a standalone novel).

The storyline is as you would expect from a reality tv show.  Catty women who try to sabotage the other contestants.  Becca was worried about how Thea would be betrayed on the show and that her deafness would be put in a negative light.  But, Becca had bigger worries than Thea's deafness to worry about.

This book is full of action and suspense of who Becca will choose to be her Prince Charming.  I am so happy that my thoughts as to how the book should progress worked out, but did not expect the reality of what happens at the end of this story.  This book is hilarious and steamy hot.  

I highly recommend this book!  If you haven't read any of Megan and Janci's stories, you are missing out!

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