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Quinn is a surgeon.  Only she doesn't work in any hospital.  She works at the Yellow Creek Detainment Facility in Tennessee.  The facility doesn't officially exist for the U.S. Government. It's an off-the-records super-maximum security "black site" prison.  

The 40-acre farm doesn't grow or raise anything but has impenetrable cells over 200 feet underground underneath the barns.  Air missiles hide in the hay bales throughout the fields.

These prisoners are the worse of the worse even too high of a value for Guantanamo Bay or too dangerous for a top-level prison.  This facility is operated by a private mercenary group run by The Colonel.  Her father.

But, what makes Quinn special is that she is a genius.  She is a 22-year-old surgeon.  And her controlling father who never spent any time or effort on her had her locked into a five-year contract with the U.S. Government to work in this facility giving her no chance to finally live a normal life.

So here she is going through massive metal security doors into contained metal halls with holes in the ceiling to release gases in case a prisoner manages to escape their metal cages in their private cells and having to breach other metal doors to get to this point.  Her dad did not scrimp in planning this facility.

When she arrives at the surgical room she waits for her patient.  The wall in front of her starts making a turn as its teeth begin to open where she sees her patient.  The half-unconscious man was jumped by three men in the shower and has multiple stabs with hand-made weapons to his ribs and back.  The three men were dead.  He didn't need any weapon.

All she is told and sees in his file is that he is a monster.  No name and or reason he is being held prisoner.  But she is a doctor and it matters not to her, she made an oath to heal and it's better for her not to know if they are mass murderers or of the Taliban.  So she begins to work patching and sewing up his wounds.

When she turns back to the patient after clearing her supplies, she is shocked that the man who shouldn't be able to move from being beaten and so much blood loss has actually escaped his cuffs and is looming over her.  But over her fear is her realization that this Russian is the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on.

Maksim feels the soothing hands of the woman stitching his wounds.  He hates that he's going to have to take her hostage to get out of wherever he's being held, but this is his first opportunity in over two months to escape.  But, when he gets a good look at her he can't go through with it.  She's an angel.  He knows he's getting ready to go back into the bowels of this place, but he needs her name.

Quinn.  When he finally gets free he's going to find her and never let her go.

Maksim is in the Russian Bratva and his boss, Yuri sent him to Chicago to head up their new operations.  He had just picked up his rental when five humvees cornered him, put a bag over his head, and beat and tased him trying to get information about his boss.

What they don't know is that he will never give up any information.  Yuri is like a father to him and is the only reason that he is alive.  He was in the Russian army in Afghanistan and the only way to survive the horrors was to find an escape.  And he found it in heroin.  

He was finally dishonorably discharged when after leaving rehab he starting shooting again.  You only had to walk ten feet in either direction in Afghanistan before having people trying to sell you drugs.  There is no rehabbing in Afghanistan.  

In order to feed his addiction, he fought in death fights.  The winning purse - heroin.  That's how Yuri found him.  He and another junkie made the unfortunate choice of trying to rob Yuri.  A choice that the other junkie died for, but for some reason, Yuri didn't kill him.  Although locking him in a basement and beating the addiction out of him almost did.

So they aren't getting any information from him.  He has faced death and survived.  There is nothing they can do to him to get him to turn on Yuri.

This book...  I have read close to 300 books this year and this book is number ONE!  I absolutely LOVE this book.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed, but the author's descriptions drew me into this story like I was watching an action movie on the big screen.

This book is action-packed from the start of the story.  You get to see all the facets of Quinn.  Yes, she is a genius who was entering college at the age of thirteen, but we also get to see her deep connection with her best friend and her compassion with healing, even if it is healing the worst men imaginable.

Maksim is just my forever book boyfriend.  This is a man who lived for years homeless feeding off his heroin addiction.  Doing anything it took for another hit.  He is with the Russian mafia and even restrained managed to kill three men with his bare hands, but when he grabs Quinn and presses her into the cell bars intending to use her to escape he can't.  He may have had his hand around her throat, but it was only to restrain and not harm.

I love how the author brings a gentleness to this man who has lived his whole life in violence.  The chemistry between Quinn and Maksim is sizzling the second their eyes meet.  She tamed the monster without even saying a word.  

This book is full of action and I mean literal action - prison breaks, escapes, but it is also very erotic.  I highly recommend this book and if you haven't read a Jagger Cole book you are missing out.

THE BRATVA'S LOCKED UP LOVE is book seven of the BRATVA'S CLAIM Series

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