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INSIDE SCOOP - Winter Games Readers Challenge 2023

If you love to read, this month-long event is for you!

The SEASONAL EVENTS provide fun ways to meet authors, read tons of books, and challenge yourself to read more and faster. 

Kathi Goldwyn & Marta Moran Bishop have put together another event with some amazing authors & tons of FREE prizes! Join the Seasonal Events for some great new reads and a challenge like you've never seen before!

There are 48 participating authors for this season's WINTER GAMES Reading Challenge and here is the reading challenge book list!  

2023 Winter Games Reading Challenge

Everyone can join the games, but if you want a chance to read one of the books below for FREE, you are required to review the book before proceeding to your next FREE read! The reader who has read the most books during the WINTER GAMES event will receive a $250 prize!

Meet the Kitchen Imps - mischievous creatures who lurk behind the cupboard, and under the fridge.

Where do all the missing socks go? Find out with The Joy of Socks.

Learn the mysteries of the Secret Kitchen and gaze upon a rather familiar world with Free Will.

Dare you risk the king's wrath when you venture into the House of Treasure?

Short fantasy/fairy tales for readers of all ages. (Contains dark humour and some moderate mischief).

Finalist in the 2018 NN Light Book Awards

They'll protect me... if they don't break me first.

I refuse to be a disposable pawn in my father's underworld dealings. If that means heading out in the middle of the night to get as far away as I can from my mafia family, so be it. I have everything planned, and it’s all going perfectly… right up until the point where they catch me.

Angelo. Scary, domineering, the bruiser. If he wants me, he’s not going to stop until he gets me — any way he has to. Saint tries to be the “nice guy,” but he’s got a filthy little habit of touching me when I’m sleeping, when I’m helpless. And Victor? He’s the most terrifying one of all, the brains behind the brawn, with a cold composure I’m desperate to crack. If I can get to him, the others will fall in line — but what if he gets to me first?

They promise to protect me as long as I do what I’m told, but just how far will I have to go — and how much of me will splinter in the process?

Note: This work contains extremely dark themes with triggering content. The men are irredeemable, terrible people who do terrible things and do not respect Lucia's boundaries. (As in, boundaries? What are boundaries?) Read at your own discretion. Specific warnings are available at either author's website.

In an attempt to secure an unexpected inheritance–and hopefully find a few answers–two estranged sisters and their newly discovered brother embark on a surreal trip through the Deep South to retrace the life of the mother who abandoned them.

On a Tuesday afternoon, sisters Jesse Chasen and Jennifer McMahon receive a phone call notifying them that the birth mother they had no knowledge of has died, leaving behind a significant inheritance. But in order to obtain it, they must follow a detailed road trip she designed for them to get to know her–and that includes finding a brother they never knew existed.

For the next week, this ill-assorted trio treks across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to meet their mother's old friends, from circus-performers to a juke joint owner, each of whom delivers a shocking vignette into the life of a young mother traumatized by loss and abuse. Along the way, these three siblings–Jesse, whose fiery exterior disguises a drifting musician stuck in a rut; Jennifer, whose carefully curated family life is threatened by her husband's infidelity; and Jack, whose enigmatic Jackie, Oh! persona in the New Orleans drag queen scene helps him escape the nightmares of Afghanistan that haunt him–must confront their own demons (and at least one alligator). But in chasing the truth about their real mother, they may all just find their second chance.

This uproarious debut novel is a reminder that sometimes, the family you'd never have chosen may turn out to be exactly what you need.

A fearless doctor
Paranormal psychiatrist Dr. Audrey Gilbert is not used to failure, especially when it comes to her career. She possesses an uncanny ability to see into her patients’ souls and mend their brokenness. When she misdiagnosis a patient and is fired, she is given a chance to regain her job. Her task? Restore the health of a deranged mind hacker. But safeguarding her heart while convincing the detached and bitter man to trust her, just might be the challenge of a lifetime.

A tormented hacker
Born into a family of powerful psychics, Kevin Jorgensen has always had a quick wit and a sunny disposition. But that was before he nearly lost his life battling a rogue mind hacker. Now he spends his days in isolation, fighting for his sanity. He swears never to use his gift, not even if he’s drawn to the woman determined to help him recover.

A battle for survival
When Audrey and Kevin discover someone has tampered with her mind, they must work together to determine why. Because if they fail, their lives and the lives of many other hackers will be destroyed.

I'm Vicky, the dog whisperer. (Not really, but that's what my elderly neighbor says whenever I walk her dog, Smuckers.)

When she dies, she surprises everybody by leaving a corporation worth billions to Smuckers...and she leaves Smuckers to me.

Suddenly I go from running my Etsy store to sitting in an elegant Wall Street boardroom with Smuckers in my lap. And my neighbor's son, Henry Locke, aka New York's most eligible bachelor, glaring across the table at me.

Rumor has it Henry's a business genius who's as talented in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom.

Sure, he's gorgeous. Sex-in-a-seven-thousand dollar suit.

But... He's arrogant and infuriating. He refuses to listen to me when I insist I didn't con his mother.

He thinks he can bully me, buy me off, control me, even seduce me. Henry may have the women of Manhattan eating out of the palm of his hand, but I'm so over entitled rich guys who think they own the world.

No way will his wicked smile be charming ME out of my panties. His wicked...devastating...impossible-to-resist smile.

Oh well, who needs panties anyway?

Belvedere is a new Contemporary Romance series from Indianapolis author Aubrey Mayes. After working his way up from an orphaned, teenaged debt collector in the Libera Organization to a thirty-two year old Underboss, Simone Belvedere becomes captivated by Estelle Presswood— an accepting and unafraid librarian that shares his unrequited love for literature. As Simone's first romance turns into many more firsts, he's faced with a new, unknown threat to the organization, jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of all involved.

Join Simone and Estelle on their new soul-defining journey through organized crime, heartache, and mystery. No one's life in the Libera Organization will be the same after this battle. Some have nothing to lose, and yet, everything and everyone is fair game.

As the burden of the Libera Organization is placed onto Simone's shoulders, every facet of his being is suddenly on display, blending into a single tumultuous cocktail. The Pyrrhic sage continues as Simone must decide not only what he's capable of handling, but who all is accompanying him along the ride, and whose loyalty is there to stay. This is an equal time for birth, growth, and destruction, and the line between family and business is irrevocably blurred.

Rebounding from the attack on their leader, Simone continues to lead the organization through the months of chaos left in the bullet’s wake. A new Soldier has been Made, and a new Capo is taking her rightful place. No one is sure if this is a time of new beginnings or a time of stalemates, be it in love or organized crime. As new betrayals come to light, the difference between friend and foe becomes nearly indistinguishable.

Jim Duvall had left his mark splattered in blood across the Libera Organization. As Libera returns to his steady routine and brings a veil of stability back to their lives, the impending question of Duvall’s next victim infects everyone’s minds. The answer, however, is far more heartbreaking than Simone could ever prepare himself for. Multiple lives will be left hanging in the balance, and very little is as it seems. All must learn to fight their inner demons and to pay the consequences of losing that battle.

Now that the war with Don Libera’s former Consigliere is over, Simone, Estelle, and the rest of the Libera Organization are left to decide if the victory was worth the cost of the war. Simone and Estelle begin to fathom their loss, and Don Libera is left without his Lieutenant for the foreseeable future; and with several layers of guilt to sort through. Through all of the darkness, a secluded romance is able to break free into the light of day, giving way to the early threads of redemption.

A heartwarming Christmas story about how a community and a miniature horse inspire a dueling mature couple to create a new home filled with love and hope.

Pam Dunbar had it all. A loving husband, a successful daughter, and the joy of her life—a grandson. Then a horrible accident nearly destroys her family. Within a year she and her grandson are facing their first Christmas in Sunberry, North Carolina—all alone.

Horse trader Hal Larson loves planning the annual Sunberry Christmas Parade, almost as much as he loves his estranged daughter and granddaughter. With the holiday season approaching, he’s scrambling to lure his daughter back home, while also rescuing the wounded widow next door and her sweet grandson. Pam deserves a better life, and Hal is determined to build it for her, until he's forced to make a choice no man should face -- between his new love and his beloved daughter.

Return to Sunberry and visit your favorite characters as they gather for a fence-stringing party and the Sunberry Christmas Parade. Download your copy of A SUNBERRY CHRISTMAS NOW!

What's the first thing that you do when you go on the run? Dye your hair? Cut your hair? Change your name? Gain weight? Lose weight?

None of the above, actually.

You die.

Or at least, I did, until I accidentally walked into the wrong building and Twister, aka Chase, bulldozed into my new life.
But I'm getting to know him, and I'm not sure I want to leave now, if ever.

I'm on the phone when a beautiful young woman walks into my club. I didn't see her, but she heard me admitting to doing something that no one should have ever heard. Letting her go is not in the cards, much to her dismay. It's not long before I find out that she's running from someone who would stop at nothing to hurt her.

Now it's time to protect her. I couldn't protect my best friend years ago, but this time I won't fail. The only problem is that I'm not sure I want to let her go after the danger is gone.

In the early 1900s, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Harry Browning each researched devices to contact the dead through scientific means. Only one of them succeeded.

Harry Browning is a prodigy with an extraordinary understanding of the natural sciences. Orphaned as a child, he becomes a beloved professor, a war hero... and a shell shock victim.

At war's end, he returns to his college hometown in Ohio and dedicates himself to research. Alone and isolated, he hires Elizabeth Rose, a young housekeeper with secrets. Together, they will seek to answer the one question that all humanity shares—what becomes of us after we pass beyond the veil?

They may not like the answer.

What do a guard, a murderer and a thief all have in common?

The day Zrif met Elura on the beach under the full moon, he knew that she was one of his fated mates. But after a decade of regular intimacy, he is no closer to claiming her as she flees each encounter without even exchanging a few words. This continued rejection is bolstered by the arrival of the handsome Wild Elf Alpha, Arbane, who doesn’t seem to remember their own passionate encounter a few months prior. Zrif’s duties require him to continue as if he isn’t drowning in despair over his looming heartbreak.

Zrif comes up with a plan to pull both of his potential mates out of this devastating game they’ve been playing. Heat turns quickly into confusion as their union unexpectedly reveals that time is not a luxury they can afford. He’d been prepared to deal with one curse, but the revelation of a second with more dire consequences turns what should have been a joyous moment sour.

Will the triad be able to lift the curses before it’s too late or will one of them have to forfeit their soul to the infernal lands for all of eternity?

A mysterious time slip to Niagara Falls thrusts Meadow Holloway and her sisters down a curious rabbit hole of mystery, miracles, and murder.

From USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Author, Casi McLean, comes another heart-pounding time-travel mystery to keep you gripping the edge of your seat.

A routine slide to Three Sisters Island spins Meadow to Niagara Falls where she encounters two men planning to murder a historical icon. To thwart the killers, she opens pandora's box and initiates a stream of time slides swirling the Holloway sisters through history in pursuit of a mysterious time-traveler.

Meadow must identify the ominous stalker and discover and why he--or she--wants to erase from history such an iconic historical visionary. But the clock is ticking. If they fail to unravel the mystery in time, time-travel will cease to exist, leaving the trio stranded in the past forever.

A scandalous liaison. A killer on the loose. Can a young woman save her sibling from going down for murder?

Vancouver, Canada. Software engineer Indira Saraf refuses to march to her traditionalist parents’ old-world drum. Resentful of her brother’s golden-boy acceptance but still a devoted sister, she encourages him to confess his secret affair before he ends up married to a woman he doesn’t want. So she’s horrified when his student and lover is slain and he’s arrested for the gruesome crime.

Repurposing her own AI technology to prove his innocence, the unorthodox rebel scours the dead college girl's life for clues. But when Indira discovers another missing co-ed and the suspects pile up, she learns the hard way that her digging has drawn deadly attention…

Can she hunt down the culprit before she takes a fatal fall?

The Perfect Brother is a chilling standalone suspense thriller. If you like strong heroines, complex family relationships, and dangerous twists, then you’ll adore USA Today bestselling author Chris Patchell’s riveting tale.

It's been a few weeks since the Pallanachi warriors attacked Shakazhan. The residents are still reeling in shock. Trying to get their lives back on track, they are evaluating how they could have done better. Wil knows that at their current state of preparedness, they can't possibly survive and turn back a concerted attack by the evil Kahlea Grand Master, Zoiathula. Since there are many different people below the crust, he makes a bold decision. Not knowing if those he sends will return, he orders a team into the treacherous depths of the artificial planet.

Meanwhile, Champion Sta Hyt Mai makes plans to hone her fighting skills, as well as how to train their small army into a true fighting force.

Good intentions and a solid moral compass never kept anyone from a compromising position.

Newly appointed Campaign Manager, Catherine Lawrence has a plan, and it definitely doesn’t include falling in love with the handsome, free-spirited, blue-eyed, surfer from Australia who just moved in next door.
Jake Ryan came to Florida with every intention of surfing, enjoying life, and finding himself. He didn’t plan on getting entangled with the beautiful, green-eyed woman next door. And yet, the best-laid plans and all.

Love can change everything, including a stubborn heart.

The chemistry and sparks between Catherine and Jake are red hot, not to mention the natural attraction between these two polar opposites will pull them in two different directions.
To achieve their happily ever after, something will have to give, and someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

 Connecticut State Police Detective Wesley Dawson doesn't rest if the streets aren't safe. And right now, safety is paramount with a serial killer spiking fear in the men of the city as each new body surfaces. But something is eerily off.

Once again, enlisting the help of medical examiner Ali Jensen is Wes' only option. But when all evidence points to the past, Wes and Ali are forced to delve into unsolved cases while teaming up with an unlikely ally to solve the crimes.

With danger lurking at every turn, can Ali and Wes take down the serial killer before history repeats itself?

Two small town deaths reveal two big time killers, and the locals don’t take too kindly to strangers.

While vacationing in New England, PI Jax Diamond and his courageous canine partner, Ace, bite off more than they can chew when two small town deaths reveal two big time killers, and the locals don’t take too kindly to strangers.

Laura Graystone, Broadway star, auto expert, and Jax’s heartthrob, is once again front and center digging for clues while trying to ditch an old boyfriend. That is, until her brother becomes Jax’s prime suspect. Then all hell breaks loose, and Ace is left in the lurch, tracking down leads with his new sidekick, Susie.

A crazy duet of crimes sends Jax, Laura and Ace into a tailspin in small-town USA during the Roaring Twenties. Where no one is above the law, everyone is a suspect, and time is running out before the clock strikes one.

Dax had thought he would never find a little girl to love again after his wife died, so he closed himself off in his estate high above Lake Michigan, in Door County. When Dyani literally crashed into his life during a dangerous late winter blizzard, Dax was amazed to find that this gorgeous young woman was just the little girl he needed. And she was in need of a Daddy who could keep her safe from looming danger, a Daddy who would discipline her when she needed it and love her through it all.

Publisher's Note: This steamy, contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Viral Dawn: A Dystopian, Zombie Apocalypse Thriller by Jade Lazlow - What if your world collapsed in seconds, thrusting you into an apocalyptic nightmare where your every move might be your last? An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly genetically-engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. Senior, Casey Williams shelters at her high school with friends and other survivors of the zombie outbreak. They're safe for now, but supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter. Casey anticipates the looming humanitarian crisis and knows they must find other refuge or face chaos inside. She braves the savage post-apocalyptic world beyond the school's security fence in an attempt to save herself and her friends. With sheer grit, she leads a small party to find help at the militarized safe zone. Once there, she arranges for her friends to be transported to safety only to learn she's placed them in even greater danger. As it turns out, the zombies aren't the only thing they should fear. Determined to seek justice, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive in this new dystopian reality. Jade Lazlow spawns a new dystopian series for young adults and adult readers. The book begins with teenager, Casey Williams, living her less than happy life with her mother and foster brother, Derek after the death of her father. With a largely absentee workaholic mother, Casey is often charged with caring for Derek. The story spends considerable time establishing her life and the lives of her friends. Casey is at school when an explosion occurs at a nearby military chemical weapons facility. The explosion unleashes a biochemical warfare agent that transforms humans into flesh-eating zombies. Jade Lazlow's second book in the Viral Series, entitled Viral Storm is on sale now. The non-stop tension in book two will leave readers craving more dystopian, zombie apocalypse action.

All of London knows Eleanor has a temper, and she's about to lose it. Her father expects her marriage to be advantageous—for him. It's that or a French nunnery, complete with cold baths and spiders. She's desperate to convince the gentleman she prefers to propose first.

Jesper has no time to grieve the loss of his father. Face to face with his own mortality, the new baronet needs an heir. And the first step is to travel to London to find a nice, placid wife.

He crosses paths, and wits, with a viscount's daughter who's always ready to spit thorns. But Jesper soon realizes that Eleanor Henry is in more trouble than she knows. He might be the shaggiest of baronets, but he's cared for Roseford's people and its wild lands; how hard could it be to help one friendless woman?

It's not like they're in danger of falling in love.

No Titled Lady is the perfect place to dive in to Judith Lynne's books. This prequel to Not Like a Lady, the first in this series, takes us to London in 1785 to see the seeds sown for future Judith Lynne stories.

Nigel Holmes is a British Police Officer sent to Toronto after a witness was brutally murdered on his watch. Kristen Sherlock is a Detective who was framed for drug possession, and is being harassed by a dirty cop bent on ruining her. Nigel is politically incorrect and swears like a trucker. Kristen is a by-the-book Police Officer. Can they work together without driving each other nuts before her stalker hurts Kristen? Nigel, Kristen and her former partner, Craig, work to bring the stalker down.

Jack: My true love Lizzy walked out of my life a few months ago. I'm shredded, hoping she'll come back. I need to make some big changes that includes pushing Lizzy out of my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about her––until I met a sassy girl named Alex. She changes everything.

Alex: I'm a waitress at Rocco's and met Jack last night. He's dreamy, our animal attraction is off the charts. .As soon as our eyes met, sparks flew. But can I trust him enough to share my dark secret? Several nights a week, I work at TABOO. I hate the place, and all the games they play.. My boss, Norris, keeps me chained to this joint and he's hurting me. He treats me like a commodity, which is bad enough, but I'm beginning to think The Cribs––a gang of crazy mofo's––owns this place. When Norris kidnaps me, I realize my worst fears come true. I don't know how I'm going to get out of this mess. I struggle to escape.. I pray I'll see Jack just one more time. This has to be killing him. I love him, I really do, but I worry about his safety and I know if The Cribs find out I care about Jack, they might kill him.

Are serial killers mad or evil?

Follow the amazing journey of Tracy Bennett, an average, middle of the road woman working in a make-up counter in a York department store.But Tracy is not who she wants you to believe...."I was unable to put it down as the character is so driven, ghoulishly fascinating and wickedly humorous.""Kathleen Harryman's portrayal of a mind warped horribly out of shape is a compelling plunge into the abyss."Kathleen Harryman's When Darkness Falls is a gripping account of a psychopathic killer. Written from the killer's perspective, the story's intent is perfectly compelling and holds the reader enthralled. Make assumptions, draw your own conclusions and then find your theories debunked as the story unfolds. When Darkness Falls is a book that you will not be able to put down until the last page is turned. A testament to the human fascination with the criminal mind.

When both your best friend and new love interest share a secret, can you keep them close to your heart?

Marriage can be challenging, divorce harder still, which is how Jordan Roberts finds herself in the middle of a two thousand-mile backpacking journey. Resilient has become her middle name, and it’s about time she figured out what she wants without anyone else’s input.

Jordan is desperate for a few days’ rest, but her friends bail on her last minute due to a plumbing mishap. Not hanging her out to dry completely, they find a host willing to take her in.

Adam Beck is used to running things. Together, he and his lifelong friend, Jonathan Wilson, started their own robotics company. Leading the way in state-of-the-art surgical care, Advanced Automation is committed to saving lives.

Obligated to do his friend a favor, Adam gladly opens his doors to a woman who appears half vagrant, half forest sprite. Different in every way, Jordan soon has Adam considering a life outside of the boardroom.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Accidents happen, and people get hurt. Ex-husbands refuse to stay away, and there are often strange goings-on in the forest.

Jordan attempts to meet each situation head-on, but when it’s her best trail friend who is the one hurt the most, will her newly found romance be strong enough to withstand the pressure?

Five years ago, I was the DeCampo Familia’s most feared enforcer, then they killed me…

Now I’m in hiding, a dead man walking.
All I had to do was keep my head down, live a quiet, normal life.
But normal is a hard thing for a man like me.

I might just have been able to manage it, if trouble hadn’t come looking for me
In the form of a feisty barmaid.
A vixen probably half my age, with long raven hair and a backside that promised all sorts of trouble.
Hot, sweaty, all night long sorts of trouble.
I should have stayed away, but I was hooked from the moment she sashayed through the doors of the bar.
And when a few of the patrons started getting rough with her, the old me was ready to give them a lesson in manners.
However, times have changed. I wasn’t in New York anymore and getting into a bar fight with five guys for her honour wasn’t the way to this girl’s heart or into her pants.

Good thing I’m stubborn, because while her attitude might be frosty, the chemistry between us is hot and I’m not about to let her get away.
So first things first, I need to learn her name.
And just hope my past doesn’t catch up with me
and kill me first...

What could be more idyllic than to live on an island off the coast of Maine? That's what Bill Andersen thought when he moved his family to Mateguas. But Mateguas is more than just pristine beaches nestled between rocky shores. No, Mateguas is really something quite different….

PenCraft 2019 Best Book of the Year Award

A Celtic warrior princess is torn between her forbidden love for the enemy and duty to her people. 

AWARD-WINNING APOLLO'S RAVEN sweeps you into an epic Celtic tale of forbidden love, mythological adventure, and political intrigue in Ancient Rome and Britannia. In 24 AD British kings hand-picked by Rome to rule are fighting each other for power. King Amren's former queen, a powerful Druid, has cast a curse that Blood Wolf and the Raven will rise and destroy him. The king's daughter, Catrin, learns to her dismay that she is the Raven and her banished half-brother is Blood Wolf. Trained as a warrior, Catrin must find a way to break the curse, but she is torn between her forbidden love for her father's enemy, Marcellus, and loyalty to her people. She must summon the magic of the Ancient Druids to alter the dark prophecy that threatens the fates of everyone in her kingdom.

Will Catrin overcome and eradicate the ancient curse. Will she be able to embrace her forbidden love for Marcellus? Will she cease the war between Blood Wolf and King Amren and save her kingdom?

I came to Sycamore Mountain to start over.

Focus on my career, not little miss sunshine.

The brotherhood of firefighters is the only relationship I want.

Trust me. This tart is the last thing I need.

I’ve been down that road.

Beautiful girl who can have any man she wants.

Well Addie Briggs can focus on someone else.

No sultry siren is worth going through that heartache again,

no matter how naughty I think she could be.

Of all the men to fall for,

I have to pick a grumpy hero.

He’s the hottest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on,

throw on his fireman turnout gear and I’d do almost anything he asked.

But this guy is jaded and scarred. He fights me at every turn.

Yet, I can tell there’s a softness under his tough exterior.

I’m going all in. Because I’m not ready to give up on Mr. Nice guy.

Author Chase Cornell has just celebrated his second bestseller, and he bought a house on the beach. His career is on an upswing, his dreams are coming true, and he is content. He has sworn off relationships as he loves living life as a bachelor. Until he meets a beautiful woman at the local pub and sparks fly. A professional photographer with a few books of her own, Erica is used to living life without strings.

Disillusioned about her dating life, Erica Wilson walks into her favorite pub and encounters Chase. An enigmatic stranger who ignites in her an unexpected passion that is all-consuming. Like-minded about relationships, they agree on a friends-with-benefits relationship.
Strong, sexy, and fun. Chase is everything Erica didn’t know she wanted in a man. Love blooms and when tragedy strikes, Chase’s life is torn apart. Erica steps up to help him, uprooting her life when they are thrust into a tumultuous and strained relationship. Neither let their walls down to see what’s right in front of them.

~The rodeo never prepared this cowboy for bodyguard duty~

Supermodel Harper Inez has it all—until a bullet to the brain steals her old life. Worse, the NYPD’s top suspect is her fiancĂ©, and she doesn’t dare trust a soul. Hiding from the world, she flees to an exclusive mountain resort located near an equine-assisted therapy facility. When an engaging cowboy invites her to lunch, she surprises herself by accepting.

Professional tie-down roper Landon Macek’s horse is injured, and his dream of a world championship is put on hold. While his mount recuperates, he takes a temp job training therapy horses. As a longtime Harper Inez fan, he’s followed her shooting in the news and is stunned to recognize their mysterious VIP patient traveling under heavy security.

Enchanted by the surprisingly kind and vulnerable woman, he can’t help but fall in love, patiently waiting until she catches up to the idea. However, it becomes clear that her celebrity lifestyle collides with his modest rodeo roots.

Landon would give his life for Harper, but does he love her enough to live in her world?

"Hmm. I have no history here, no family he can threaten me with. The only thing I have is the Blossom shop. Believe me, I'll do whatever it takes to defend it."

I stated this in a voice that is no longer flat. Yet I freeze. I only have the Blossom and . . . Gabriel.

Maxime, a grounded and resilient WOC (woman of colour), has moved to Vancouver after spending half her life in MontrĂ©al. Taking a leap of faith, she has changed careers to become a successful entrepreneur and owner of the Salon Blossom—Flowers and Teas.

Driven by her core belief—a rich life is filled with kindness, curiosity, and exploration—she makes a 360-degree life transformation. In this new stage of her life, Maxime encounters several challenges and blessings.

The Easter egg for this book will be Miss Maxime's series of playlists, as the novel is scattered with musical references.

Memoir of Sala Lewis - in her own words - the story she told at the Holocaust Museum that made her audience understand her pain. She's gone now but her story remains very important - now more than ever. She helped the younger generation understand what really happened .

This compelling Holocaust Memoir is about Sala Lewis and her love of family. Sala Lewis, who at age ten was left alone to wander the streets of Poland after her family was taken away by the Nazis. She had been out with her friends and came home to find her family gone and the apartment where she lived closed off and she was not allowed in. Everything she possessed was no longer hers. She had no family, no clothes, no food, and at that moment in time, no future. It was because she was strong-willed and confident that she made her way to find her sister who had been taken to a concentration camp.

Marta Moran Bishop’s The Between Times is a terrific allegory–until the sucker punch. You think you’re reading a dystopian story set in some future time. Then you suddenly realize Bishop is writing about right now: The Between Times is a period in which we still have a chance save all we hold dear. 

Fail to marshal our collective powers, and we fail as a society, a culture, as a nation state, and the beacon to the world that America has always been is snuffed, never to be reignited. 

Penned with all the visceral indictments of Sinclair’s The Jungle, we admire and pity Ben, fear for Jewell, grieve Roxanne, and loathe Mr. Horton and his kind. There is a cliffhanger ending that made me need to know more. Will the uprising in The Between Times save us? This series would make fascinating movies.
Robert Blake Whitehill, Author/Screenwriter, The Ben Blackshaw Series.

The year: 2157
The mission: change everything

Seven Corporations control what was the United States of America. The food supply and its production is controlled by American AgCo. All agricultural seeds in the United States have been genetically designed to fail outside Corporate control. At least, that’s what the Corporations say.

There’s a rumor that a seed bank has survived the destabilization that brought down old America, and the seventy-five years of Corporate ownership that followed. If it still exists, it would provide free, accessible food for the Democratic State Force and everyone in their care. It’s a risky hunt for a treasure that may or may not exist. Something to put the most resourceful team in the Force to work on. The Wildcards just got the call.

A hunt for hidden treasure.

Free food.

What could go wrong?

Never ask that question. Life’s a bitch. She’ll answer.

No peace could be found; the walls within harbored dangerous and frightening secrets

A mysterious ivory fan, a forced marriage, and a vengeful witch was among them threatened those who sought repose in the great house of Cedar Ridge. Danger and deception whispered along the corridors and hidden crevices. The sunlight upon the walls of the museum cast a deceiving appearance of serenity.

Take one anteater who discovers chocolate covered ants & see what he will do to keep a supply!!

Algernon is an anteater, but he is a very ingenious one...He not only loves ants, but especially chocolate covered ones. So, to find a supply of his new favorite food, he not only learns to read and to stand up tall, and to consequently join the circus!

Riggs Malone. Star quarterback and captain of the football team. The boy all the girls wanted and all the boys wanted to be. My first love.
And the only person who ever broke me.

I have a great life. I’ve fulfilled my dream of running my own coffee shop-slash-library in my hometown, I own my own home, and I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for. Everything is perfect.

Or it was.

When a neighboring town starts its very own professional football franchise, he gets himself traded to be the starting quarterback of the Branston Bandits. And before I know it, he’s purchased the house next door, moving in with a neighborly smile like he didn’t destroy me all those years ago…

...when he made a disgusting bet with his teammates to take my V-card, which I was eagerly and naively willing to give him before I found out the truth.

Well, if Riggs Malone thinks it’s all water under the bridge, he has another thing coming. I don’t forgive easily, and I never forget. I’m about to make his life a living hell.

Let the prank war begin.

The Turnover is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy with lots of laughs, plenty of heat, and more than a few cookies that are...ahem...anatomically correct. And if you're worried about Riggs' ability to be redeemed, don't worry. While he did, in fact, make the bet, all wasn't as it seemed...

DR. JESSICA CORAN A brilliant and determined FBI medical examiner, she was an expert student of the criminal mind who thought she could face anything. That was before Wisconsin. Before she saw one of his victims... THE VAMPIRE KILLER The FBI agent had a special code name for his unusual method of torture: Tort 9, the draining of the victims blood. The newspapers called him the Vampire-Killer. But his own twisted love letters were signed "Teach"... and were addressed to the one woman he wanted most of all: His hunter, his prey, Dr. Jessica Coran. 

**2021 Readers' Favorite Awards Bronze Medal Winner in Romance/General**

What does a tattooed chick from Philadelphia know about being a rancher? Absolutely nothing. But that’s about to change. Willow Crawford never knew her father’s identity until she hears from his lawyer, advising her of his death. As the sole heir to his ranch in Wyoming, she has the chance to start anew following her divorce.

After losing his family in a devastating accident, mail call no longer brings a smile to Staff Sergeant Nathan Casey’s face, knowing his name won’t be shouted. But when he receives a letter addressed to Any Soldier, signed by Wannabe Rancher, he finds himself captivated by the fascinating and beautiful woman who’d written it.

As her unexpected fondness for small-town life and a certain pen pal grows, Willow discovers more about herself, her family, and her legacy. Will the attraction she develops for Nathan, through his letters and phone calls, still exist and intensify when they finally meet? Or will she risk her heart, only to have history repeat itself and deny Willow her soul mate?

King Ziradon… Supreme Dragon of Eriden. He is overthrown; imprisoned in a stone fortress to watch as his kingdom is plundered by his once trusted adviser, Gwirwen.

Princess Kaliwyn… Dragoness and heir to the throne of Eriden. She is cursed to human form, stripped of her memory and cast out of the magical kingdom. But her dragon heart is strong, and it is her destiny to return and set right the grievances her people have suffered.

And so, the Dragon of Eriden begins…

Amicia Spicer led a simple life, until she discovered it had all been a lie…

On her deathbed, Arely Spicer confessed to her only daughter that she had been found by, not born to her mother and father. Sad news to be certain, the idea of having a family of flesh and blood waiting to be reunited sent the young, independent woman on the adventure of a lifetime. Little did she know, a dragon’s heart beat within her chest and her journey would be more perilous than she could have imagined...

When a broken woman risks her heart for the neighborhood hottie, heat rises from the ashes...

Once broken and abused, Sasha Kincaid is slowly rebuilding her life in the quiet town of Corvallis near her brother, his new wife and their group of friends. She's content to work quietly at the bakery she secretly owns while learning to rebuild her trust in people. But when she starts to have steamy feelings for Connor Duggan, Sasha doesn't know how to handle her emotions.

Neighborhood hottie and town favorite, general contractor Connor Duggan has only had eyes for Sasha Kincaid ever since she stepped foot in Corvallis a year ago. When she gives him an opening, he jumps at the chance to make her his, no matter how long it takes her to feel comfortable.

Connor's warmth and patience allow Sasha to fall into a friendship, then an amazing sexual relationship with him—but believing it will be temporary and that's all she's worth. As they grow closer, Connor realizes he must win over her heart, not just her body, meaning he must push past his own insecurities of being rejected to battle Sasha's fears and ghosts.

But the biggest obstacle is Sasha herself. Can she learn to trust again, and believe that she deserves a beautiful life with Connor?

Who could completely unravel a controlling, successful billionaire’s life?

A wife? No – he doesn’t have one.
A lover? He schedules them like anything else
Your personal assistant? Perhaps, just don’t sleep with them.
It’s the mistake Brian Wilson makes when he hires Darby Williams. She’s both sexy and incompetent, and he wavers between wanting her and needing to fire her.
A business trip leads to an artful seduction that results in steamy affair.
Unfortunately, they both enter this romance with different expectations.
Brian may need to adjust his to meet hers if he has any hope of putting his world back in order.
Expectations is the spicy prequel to The Donovan Tales series. 

You never see the claws until you feel them. 

Kiss Me Deadly is the chilling follow up horror and paranormal romance anthology to the fan favorite collection of stories, Rock Paper Scissors, brought to you from author Tamela Miles. Five unsettling tales of horror, with a pinch of the paranormal romance many readers have come to enjoy.  

The Swinging Tree:

Audrina and Matt are all set to enjoy a vacation in a charming little town in Northern California. But the town holds deadly secrets that no citizen is willing to speak about. Silence may be golden, but it puts Matt and Audrina on a collision course with a dark force that is hell-bent on vengeance. 

Hands Clean:

Lili's life is forever changed after a beach house getaway with her friends. She is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to exact punishment on the one who betrayed her trust, and she grabs it once because she doesn't believe in transcendence. 

Be Home by Sunrise:

Chase has been taking care of headstrong Tiffany since he turned her into a vamp. When she does the unforgivable, he whisks her away into hiding. She hopes their bond will go from maker and child to lovers, but there's a looming presence that won't let them ride off into the moonlight together. Or let them go unpunished. 

Witch Bitch:

An afternoon spent with friends and new girlfriend, Luna, has Mason feeling hopeful about the future after his struggle with depression. When the situation goes from friendly to life or death, he is forced to confront the demons he has spent so many years running from. For some, forgive and forget isn't an option. 

Paper Dolls:

Zach makes a great escape from his old life to Vegas with his new partner in crime, Paris. She challenges him to reflect on his ways and embrace the dangerous path they're both on. Too bad, for a city full of women, his soul searching takes him to an even darker place. Two is company, three is murder.

In a world without books, schools, churches, and parents, how can teens and pre-teens find each other and work to bring back a world like the world before? Ever watchful, this group of friends meet in an underground cavern in the mountains of Virginia. Rumors of spies, enemy soldiers, and the possibility of finding their parents, keep these friends searching to make a better life for everyone.

In Book 1, The Secret Society, the original four members of the group discover others who, like them, have lost their parents and older siblings. These friends bond together and form a strong new family. Together, they discover new documents, clues, and tools to assist in their adventures. In the hope of someday finding others who can help establish a new settlement, they study, plan, and make discoveries that will propel them forward in their journey. Are others hiding from the World Force Soldiers? They are determined to find the answer.


When an Army vet who’s looking for love begins falling for the date planner of the reality dating program he's set to star on, the show’s producers trick the jaded staffer into posing as a contestant for one night to save the show’s tarnished reputation. To keep her job, she needs this season’s star to find love. He needs her to give him her heart to get his happy ending. What can go wrong when she gets a rose? Then another?

A Sweet Romantic Comedy with some heat.

Eighteen-year-old Sara Brown is about to step off a cliff. She is taking a giant leap into the world of college—a normal transition for most—but not for Sara. A car accident that scarred her body and soul—and left her orphaned—has dictated six years of isolation, but that was all in her past. She is ready to leave those dark days behind. Her new goals: make a friend, behave irresponsibly (if she'll let herself), and go on an actual date.

The last thing Sara is looking for is a complication, but that is exactly what she finds in the hot, six-foot-three blond named Scott Williams, who she meets at the beginning of the school year. Sara is drawn to Scott in a way that she cannot explain, and he seems just as into her. She wants to trust her heart, but Scott's promiscuous past keeps creeping into their lives. Jealous ex-girlfriends are one thing, but the stranger who defaces her car, sabotages her laptop, and who sends Sara threatening letters is far worse. Someone is determined to destroy her relationship with Scott and the life she is trying so hard to rebuild.

By the time Sara finds out who is behind all the trouble, her life is in shambles and she must fight with every ounce of strength and courage to save herself and the man she loves.

Martin and Clare Montgomery worked together as an archaeological team until Martin mysteriously died. Fearing the rumors of a curse. Clare vowed to never return, that was until a rare owl began to haunt her dreams. Was this a sign from her beloved Martin or something more sinister?

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