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It is Lottie's 30th birthday and you would think that it would be an exciting day especially since she was leaving in the morning for a buying trip in Milan. She worked in Seattle for the largest department store in America. 

But no, sitting before her in the expensive restaurant is the man that she has been dating for the last year who has just pulled out an engagement ring. She normally ends a relationship after three months but the sex with David was off the charts so here she was a year later in her worst nightmare. 

Most would be excited...although that ring..., but she hates having to break his heart when she tells him no. She was never getting married. Her parents taught her that that was a road to hell and she had no plans to take it.

Lottie had received several calls from an unknown number from the area code of the small town she was from and having just arrived home after a grueling trip decides to finally answer the call. She was so glad for the timing of the trip because David did not take her saying no very well, but the rush of a short continental trip and a too long flight all she wanted to do was put up her feet and chill with a glass of wine.

She answers to call to find out it is her mother's attorney. Her mother had died and left her the farm. He needed her to come home so he could go over her mother's estate. Texas...there was no way she was returning. She left Texas twelve years ago the night after her high school graduation as fast as she could. Only her mother and best friend knew her plans and the one person she should have told, her high school sweetheart, she ghosted because she knew he was the only one who could change her mind about leaving. 

She had plans and those didn't include being stuck in her small Texas hometown married and pregnant. She would not end up like her mother. But when she arrives at the farm she finds she is in urgent need of a contractor so she can make repairs before she can list the farm for sale. And the only contractor available is Tucker...her high school sweetheart...the man whose heart she had broken.

I love this audiobook. What wonderful narrators! Erin Coker is spot on with Lottie and her attitude. Ski has a deep and sexy voice and his betrayal a strong man with a soft heart is perfect! This is the first time I have listened to either of these narrators and they totally brought this story to life. Looking forward to listening to both of them in future audiobooks.

Lottie's view on marriage and relationships are based on the nightmare that was her parent's marriage and she was determined to not fall into that trap no matter how much she loved her high school sweetheart, but she left Texas with a secret.

Tucker is the guardian of his adorable niece after the death of her parents in a car accident and despite the years and his being engaged, he has never gotten over Lottie. They finally get their second chance until Lottie finds out the identity of his ex-fiance. Were they facing another heartbreak?

This book is action-packed and full of wonderful secondary characters that pull this story together. This book gave me all the feels...I laughed, cried and fan your Kindle.  Highly recommend.


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