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Beau Fontaine stared at the six desks on the other side of the glass wall.  Desks for his team...the glass wall separating his rescue team from Damien's team.  It was decided that their two teams needed to be in one location instead of 40 minutes away from the other and the Annesey team had been given the choice to stay in another capacity or move to Chamonix and stay with the PGHM.

He hated change and even though the whole team chose to make the move he felt he had forced their hand.  Now he had to find an apartment and make sure his team found housing.  Before he could leave to meet with the realtor the Colonel called him and Damien for a meeting.  

He had just received a report that the Mont Blanc valley was in danger of an imminent earthquake and the owner of the company making these claims was friends with the President.  The Mont Blanc Search and Rescue teams were expected to escort the research team up the mountain and ensure their safety.  

After their meeting, he set off to look at the three apartments and was finally happy that the last one met his needs.  The first one had questionable facilities and the second was over a crowded bar.  He was told that the doctor who lived above him was rarely home which meant peace and quiet.

Valentina Carrel was an emergency room doctor and she was used to being tired, but now she past being exhausted because sitting still just brought on the grief of her sister's death.  Her sister had died in a car accident and she was now the guardian of her thirteen-year-old niece Ren. Although she and her niece were close this new dynamic terrified her and she didn't know how to help Ren and was scared she was going to let her sister down.

I loved this story!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Although this book is a standalone romance the series is full of recurring characters.  Books one through six were all focused on Damien's team, but Beau showed up briefly throughout the series.  I am so happy that Beau and his team are getting their own stories.

This book is action-packed from page one and full of danger, although this time not from a person but from nature itself from a devastating earthquake. Beau is a loner and it takes almost losing everything before he realizes he can't live without Valentina and Ren in his life.

If you haven't read a JR Pace book you are missing out.  Her books are smoking hot, full of suspense, amazing characters and storylines that leave you begging for more.  I can't wait to see what happens next!  Highly recommend!

MOUNTAIN TARGET is book seven of the MONT BLANC RESCUE Series

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Although COLD AND BITTER SNOW is not considered part of the MONT BLANC RESCUE Series, I would consider this novella as a prequel to the series.

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