Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Oliver Prince can't wake from the nightmare. Except it is not a nightmare. The house is engulfed in flames, but despite everything, he can't get to his son. The last he remembers is the ceiling crashing down through the flames.

Rose Carson is sitting at a conference table wondering how her life has changed so much in the last two months. For the last twenty years she has lived with nuns at Our Lady Hildegard Home for the Sisters of Mercy. All she knew about her parents was that her mother's parents hadn't approved of her father or the pregnancy.  

Now she is sitting with her father's attorney Elsa waiting to meet with the heir apparent to the Greek Mafia in her father's stead. Two months ago her life was turned upside down. A rich handsome father showed up ecstatic to have found the daughter he was forced to say goodbye to. She had never owned even a cellphone and was not thrown in the middle of high society and meetings she was unprepared for.  

When Atlas Drakos and his younger brother Ares arrived, she looked at Elsa in horror when she found out the reason Atlas wanted to meet with her father. She was the reason...he expected her to take the place of her mother. Her mother who was his fiance until her father had stolen her away twenty-one years ago.

And to make the day even worse she gets a call from her father telling her she needed to come to get him immediately. That he is being held prisoner by a monster.

Another amazing Jagger Cole book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This is a dark, age-gap, mafia romance with tons of twists. Rose had been excited to find out that she had a family...until she learned who her family was. Let's just say that Paul Laurent won't be getting the Father of the Year award.

This book is action-packed from cover to cover, full of danger and suspense and one of the most heartwrenching Beauty and the Beast renditions I have ever read. Rose has no experience in the world and finds herself the prisoner of a man enraged with the world and especially her father. The intertwining relationships will have your head spinning.

If you like dark suspense romance you will love this book and if you haven't read Jagger Cole you are totally missing out. Highly recommend!


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