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Aly Gomez is beyond overwhelmed. She is on the phone with her eleven-year-old brother Andy and he is telling her that yet another nanny has quit.  Adam can be a bit much to handle with his pranks...saran wrap on the toilet seat, frogs in the bathtub, you name it...he is full of pranks. It doesn't help that he has swim meets at 5:30 in the morning several days a week.

Aly had become his legal guardian last year after their mother lost her fight to breast cancer and she was failing miserably as a parent.  She had been the major breadwinner in their family of three for years before her mother was diagnosed with her co-hosting job on the wildly popular home improvement show Mi Casa es Su Casa.

But now at twenty-four, she is not only responsible for the care of her young brother and the mortgage and other living expenses, she now has the added expenses of all her mother's cancer treatments. If she quit her job and tried to get a job in construction so she could be closer home she wouldn't be able to pay the bills. She was the worse failure as a parent and hearing of another problem had her near tears.

Will Evans had taken over his parent's gym complex when his parents had died.  His mother had trained Olympic swimmers and is how his 'sister' Beth became part of their family. She had taken on a brood of seven wild boys and held their family together.

He is packing up to go home when he sees his star swimmer Adam sitting morosely in the locker room. When he realizes that Adam's sister or his nanny hasn't picked him up, he offers to take him with him to dinner at his sister's since he knew that he and his nephew Steve were best friends.

But, after painfully drawing answers from the boy he realized that Andy had been lying to his sister about his living conditions.  Instead of staying at his friends' homes while being in between nannies, Andy had been staying home alone. 

He was enraged when he found out that Andy was taking an Uber to make the early morning swim meets and was losing weight because on those days he was alone he was scared to buy food using the credit card his sister left him...because she would realize he was alone and not where he said her would be.

Will drove him to their house, told him to pack a bag and called his sister to let her know that Andy was now staying with him until the series season ended.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. More than Myself is a standalone novel but I HIGHLY recommend that you start with book one of the series to get the full dynamics of this amazing Evans brood of seven brothers and their growing family. These secondary characters are recurring and definitely have to interfere in each other's lives.

Aly is a socially awkward introvert despite being co-star of a popular reality show. Being behind the scenes designing the renovations and doing her intricate tilework is where she feels most comfortable. Being in the middle of the large and loud Evans clan makes her even more insecure of her capabilities as a parent.

Even though Will loves his family he sometimes wishes that he was an only child especially since his twin brother Logan couldn't keep his interfering nose to himself.  I love these brothers and sisters-in-laws and how they hold each other together.  I totally forgot about the Evans boys tradition of helping their brothers pick out engagement rings.  To be a fly on the wall...nine huge gorgeous men in a jewelry story all giving their thoughts on the perfect ring.

This book is action-packed, has all the feels and especially the sexy kind. And Andy...that kid...you just want to wrap him in your arms and let him know that he is wanted.

Highly highly recommend!

MORE THAN MYSELF is book five of the BECOMING AN EVANS Series

Start reading MORE THAN MYSELF today!
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Start reading the BECOMING AN EVANS Series today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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    1. Can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the Evans brothers!