Monday, February 20, 2023


Lili was so excited.  Atticus was expected to arrive back home today for summer break.  He had been in school in Europe for the last four and half months and she had missed him tremendously.  It is the longest they have been apart since her mother came to work as their maid when she was eight.

So she has been helping the housekeeper and head of security prepare cupcakes and all the decoration preparations.  Now she is sitting by the pond with Canon playing her guitar trying hard not to show how impatient she was to see Atticus again.

But, when she looks up at his voice it isn't the same Atticus that left.  His fifteen-year-old body had thinned out not that he had been fat, but he was even more beautiful than before. Where had her slightly awkward best friend gone?

Lili was woken when she heard a sound and jumped when she realized it was Atticus at her bedroom window begging her to come with him to see his surprise.  After picking herself off the ground because he had thrown her out the window she notices a light flicker on from the fourth floor of the main house. When she sees a woman in the arms of Atticus's father she realizes the woman isn't his frail mother and looks on in horror when she realizes who the woman is...her mother.

I loved this story which is told solely from Lili's POV and sets up this series perfectly.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.

This book is action-packed and a tragic ending to childhood best friends due to betrayal.  Betrayal that changes both Atticus and Lili's lives.  Atticus turns cold and full of rage and Lili is left with trying to survive.

Highly recommend!

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