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Roman had just arrived in Sacramento and was on the way back to his bike when he heard a disturbance in the trees.  The undeniable sound of a slap and then a child crying out.  He turned around in rage to find out the source and came upon a man over a girl struggling to get away with a look of terror on her face.

As he drew closer he could see that the girl was probably older than his original estimation of ten, but even so, she was a tiny little thing.  He drew closer cautiously because even though he was taller and bulkier than the man they were on the same cliff ledge he had just left.  Instead of letting the girl go as he demanded, he watched in horror as the man threw her off the cliffside and ran.

Roman climbed down as fast as he could and was thankful when he found a faint pulse.  He grabbed her phone praying there would be a signal and called for help telling the unconscious girl to hold on.  As soon as he heard the sirens he waited in the shadows until she was safely in the ambulance and then found his way back up the cliff to his bike before anyone could see him.

California was a long way from West Virginia but after being released from prison after beating up the Mayor's son he needed a fresh start and the only family he had left was his older brother Micah...the enforcer for the King's Men MC club.

Ryleigh was glad that she wasn't a good sleeper so she could avoid her roommates.  Against her parent's wishes, she was attending college away from home and it wasn't like she had a choice in who the college roomed her with, but since the other three girls had been friends since high school it made it harder to feel comfortable in her surroundings.  Especially since they didn't make any effort to make her feel welcome.

Three semesters later and she still felt like an unwelcome guest and was happy to get out of the apartment early to get coffee at the campus cafe with time to spare before having to go to class.  As she is waiting in the long line she glances around at the gathered crowds sad that she didn't have a friend to call her own....and noticed the guy who although in the center of a large group seemed to be distant from them.  

She had never met him and besides her roommate being obsessed with him everyone knew who he was.  It wasn't because of his gorgeous looks, but that he was the son of the notorious President of the King's Men MC club.  She doesn't know much besides the whispers and her dad's hatred, but she knew they were dangerous men.

She should have paid attention to the signs, but she was too excited at the chance of going out when her roommates asked her to join them for the night.  Sign one...although they had been roommates for three semesters this was the first time that Angelica, Kylie and Marren had offered to spend time with her.  Sign two...Angelica's nasty look when she stepped out of her room made up and ready to go out for the night.  Sign three...Kylie's look of guilt as they asked if she would mind driving...and they all sat in the back seat like she was their chauffeur. 

Fear had followed her for the last seven years after waking up in the hospital at fourteen with very few memories of what had happened that horrible day she had been abducted she was so tired of being in the shadows so as soon as they arrived at the club she informed the girls that they were on their own getting home because it wasn't going to be with her.

After grabbing a bite to eat at a bar close to the club she decides to head home.  Until she arrives at her car to see that they had slashed all four of her tires.  And if those signs weren't enough that she should have stayed home the next one was.  When she finally found an area near an alley beside the club where her cellphone could get a signal to call for help...the back door to the club opens and she witnesses a man being murdered.

OMG! This is my favorite VT Do book yet!  This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  BEWARE - this book has a cliffhanger!

This book is action-packed, full of danger and so much suspense leading up to Ryleigh realizing who she has fallen in love with, but it is only the beginning of the questions left hanging.  I so love Roman and his obsessive need for Ryleigh despite what her actions did to him.  This story has many unexpected twists and I can't wait for the story to finally unravel.  

If you love dark romance with men with a bit of danger and smoking hot sexual scenes, look no further!  Highly recommend!

HUNTER is book one of the KING'S MEN MC Series

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