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Mara Roth had never intended to attend the Valentine's Bachelor Auction even those she was hosting the event at her equestrian center.  The proceeds were for the Foggy Mountain Women's Crisis Center and she had to admit that she was having fun watching some of the guys ham it up onstage driving the women to hike their bids.

One of her best friends had shown up at her door and demanded she gets dressed and attend saying it was time to let go and enjoy herself.  Her husband had died in a car accident three years before and maybe it was time to get out more.

The moment Carter Townsend the K9 Deputy stepped on stage with his K9 dog Maverick she couldn't take her eyes off of him.  His Valentine's Day Date would be dinner and a behind-the-scenes at the local zoo along with a Paint and Sip event with Thelma the African elephant.

As soon as Brooke saw her distraction she made the comment that that sounded like a great date.  When Mara agreed she was shocked when Brooke raised her paddle and place a bid of $1000. Brooke had a fiance...why was she bidding on a Valentine's date?  Brooke just grinned saying she was buying Mara a date.

Carter had arrived in Foggy Mountain after K9 unit was disbanded when the department no longer had the funds and was shocked when Foggy Mountain Sheriff's Department bought Maverick and gave him a job.  

I loved this story.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book can be read as a standalone novel, but I highly suggest that you start this series from book one as the characters are recurring and the previous book's storyline intertwines and meshes perfectly as Cullen and Piper's story runs during the same timeline.

Mara runs an equestrian therapy center.  Having grown up with horses and being a champion barrel racer, it was a great outlet to help her deal with losing her husband.  Carter was a former Marine and had never been interested in a relationship until Mara.  Relationships required opening up and he would prefer to keep his memories buried deep.

This book is action-packed and full of danger and suspense as both Mara and Carter were vandalized and attacked in seemingly unrelated events. I have to admit that I thought the attacks were for a totally different reason, but no less dangerous.  If you like romantic suspense you will love this book and series. 

Ashley Quinn draws you into this small North Carolina mountain town and the lives of these wonderful characters and you don't want to leave.  Highly recommend!


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