Monday, April 17, 2023

Author at a Glance - WILLOW RIVERS

Willow Rivers is the pen name for an editor and soon-to-be author of ddlg/ddlb books. Born and raised in London, Willow now lives in the East Midlands with her husband/Sir and their teenage son. They have a menagerie of animals including a tortoise, an African Pygmy Hedgehog as well as the obligatory dogs and cat. When not editing or writing, Willow loves reading romances written by her author friends. She also loves English history and loves researching her favourite historical figures. When she can be dragged away from books, Willow collects and rescues 12th-scale doll houses. 

Raven B Stone is the darker pen name of Willow Rivers. Whilst obviously having the same interests as her counterpart, Raven edits and writes more contemporary and darker romance books. Raven explores the more taboo aspects of romance and her debut book, due out later this year, will contain darker themes such as dub-con and kidnapping. Raven is the quieter half of the two pen names but is still just as happy to make friends with other authors, pa's and readers on Facebook

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