Saturday, April 15, 2023

REVIEW - FREEZING THE PUCK by Lasairiona McMaster

Savannah is at the counter at the best coffee shop in town Bitches Brew and she can feel the daggers coming her way from her best friend Athena. She is taking way too long to place their order because they both know she will get the same thing she's ordered for the last three years.

But with drink names like Chris-bean-a-Aguilera, Queen Latte-fah and Cocoa Chanel she always debates trying something new, but she hates change. And there is just so much amazing stuff to add to her distraction...the shop looks just as amazing as the menu board...striking, hot pink and sparkly...the pink guitar hanging from the ceiling and the pink bike over the fireplace......

She found out by accident a few months ago that she was been adopted and was upset that her parents had never told her. No wonder she was so indecisive....she had no clue who she was. Then the credit card scanner beeps denying the charge for her order.

Then she hears a sexy voice coming from the man behind her telling the owner of the shop that he's got it. Her heart races. It's the meet-cute from romance novels...tall, dark and handsome man come to the girl's rescue. She turns around excitedly to meet her HEA only to come to a dead stop.

Although blonde he is tall and handsome, but she would rather cut off her arm than let Justin Ashe, the captain of the Cedar Rapids Raccoons hockey team, pay for her order. 

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. There is a slew of secondary characters that really bring this story to life between her best friend, the hockey team and their family.

Savannah is having a life crisis when she learns that her parents kept her adoption a secret from her. I am sad to say how much I laughed at her meltdown (sorry spoiler, but you will totally get it). Despite the rumors being false Justin finds out he can't run from his past and he has another secret life that only his teammates and family are aware of.

This story is action-packed from word one. The angst between Savannah and Justin will have you turning the pages and it is steamy hot. I do have to warn you that there is an unexpected sexual kink that threw me off balance for a sec, but in no way took away from my love of this story.

There are tons of shout-outs throughout the story to other authors and their books and as a book reviewer, I really related to a huge portion of this storyline (again, spoiler). I highly recommend this book and can tell from the sneak peek that book two is going to be just as amazing!


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